Yelp Features on Facebook Mobile Nearby

Facebook is going to have Yelp traffic and have redesigned its mobile pages already. If you have a small, or big, local business (restaurant, café, confectioner’s shop, milk bar, pub, bakery), you have a great opportunity to promote it organically, and get a lot of Facebook likes from Yelp users on Facebook.

Reviews, placed on Yelp, help people to choose this or that place to use, and here you can see also detailed additional information, like businesses’ addresses, phone numbers, working hours, price ranges. And plus, the service from Facebook: vivid star ratings, usual lovely Like, Call and Check-In buttons on the top page. Now it is purely mobile version and has no parallel web design yet.

This redesign has a certain sense: mobile visits make up almost half of all visits of Facebook organization, business and public figure Pages, and the number of business Pages has increased notably: fifteen million business Pages. Facebook has launched a new mobile feature for local business searching – Nearby.

All useful data is concentrated just on the surface of new mobile design, users don’t need to do some extra movements. Useful buttons Like, Call, Check-In, and More (Message, Copy Link, Share and Report) are placed at the top, just under the picture. There are no banal, big, half-empty action buttons on the mobile product. A comfortable zoomed-in Google Map service identifies the exact objects location, and just lower users can see general data: distances, addresses, hours, and price ranges. The bright star rating catches visitors’ attention, so get many Facebook likes, and get crucial five star rating! And don’t forget about reviews from your Facebook fans; encourage them to write more impressive testimonials about your actually wonderful services. You can also add your own comments and recommendations (photos, Timeline posts).

The web Facebook social network community is looking mostly for social contact, but mobile users are searching some more accumulated data. Facebook recent products – Nearby for mobile Facebook version and Graph Search for web searching are based on structured users’ information to improve businesses ratings.

Facebook need to score its new way of searching traffic just for increasing its monetization opportunities. Staying among high rated traffic will, no doubt, will be a good reason for businesses to pay Facebook for numerous ads. It is expected to have certain valuable query keywords-related Nearby and Graph Search ads. Use modern Facebook designs for your successful local business promotion!

If Facebook manage to absorb a great local business database, plus, flavor it with attracting recommendations from your trusted friends, and support interaction – all notable service items on one platform, it could gain the prime position in users searching, and leave Yelp behind.

7 June 2013
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