Would You Like More Likes?

You would, but are still wondering why it is important? As opposed to direct advertising that most people ignore or find annoying, Facebook is a unique tool for introducing your products or services to large audiences in a more natural, “likable” way. When the images and messages you post on your Facebook page are liked, shared, or commented by your fans, their Facebook friends also see this information and may like or share it as well, to be viewed by new audiences. That’s how more people learn about your company, recommend it to others and respond to your special offers or promotions. As a result, you get more customers, boost your sales, and your brand gets recognized.

It sounds simple, but fans and likes only come with the content that is attractive or interesting.Therefore, it has to include photos or videos in order to be visually appealing. If you manage to grab the attention of your page visitors, they may be interested in reading your other posts, sharing them with their friends, leaving comments and becoming your fans.

If your website or blog has lots of visitors, comments, and interesting content, it should have Facebook Like and Share buttons.This allows using traffic on your website for getting more Facebook likes and fans, contributing to greater engagement with your audience and reaching out to more people in your target market. The more engaged your fans are, the more inclined they are to try your products or use your services and to recommend those to others.The more likes you have on your Facebook page, the better, more popular or more attractive your brand will seem to people.

A great way to engage your fans and customers is creating a Facebook competition or encouraging them to leave comments and provide feedback. These can go together – for example, the best customer reviews or photos illustrating the benefits of using your products or services will be awarded attractive prizes. The best photos (ideas, stories, slogans, etc.) can be chosen by letting your Facebook fans vote for their favorites, creating even more engagement, likes, shares and inviting friends to join in. What’s especially exciting, Facebook allows its users to tag themselves or others, on photos. By encouraging your fans to tag themselves or their friends on photos when they enter your competitions, you can generate even more likes, shares, and comments.

27 March 2015
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