Why Make YouTube Videos a Part of Your Marketing Campaign?

In the era of online communication, YouTube videos are turning into an undeniable marketing force. Just like TV commercials that used to be a great promotional power for the previous generation, online videos are getting to this point right now. YouTube is such a user-friendly platform for uploading videos that more and more brands can’t help but use it. Let’s see why you should be willing to follow their lead.

Eight Reasons to Turn Your Camera On

Video is a new best medium of communication. Just take a quick glance at YouTube stats to see that millions of people watch a mind-boggling number of videos, a lion share of which are created by brands with a view of promotion. It’s close to impossible to find a reputable website that doesn’t have any embedded YouTube clips. Need more reasons to turn on your camera and start making videos? Check the following facts out!

  • The video as means of communication is making its way up to the top. The research shows that online video usage has increased by 800% since 2009.

  • Power marketer researchers have estimated that in the upcoming years video will take over a half of all web traffic.

  • In contrasts to online or offline texts and images, videos are much more persuasive. That’s why customers who watch videos are more inclined to make purchases.

  • It doesn’t take a year and a fortune to produce a fascinating video. You can obtain an affordable camera for less than $100 and create an excellent clip in a couple of hours.

  • It’s easier for a person to watch videos rather than to read blogs or magazines. Furthermore, internet users enjoy spending their extra time on watching interesting videos, which is great for you as your potential customers are more exposed to your content.

  • Video tutorials are a new approach for converting random visitors into buying clients. Just create a video that answers questions of your target audience.

  • There is no need to create Lord-of-the-Ring-long commercials. Vines and Instagram videos may motivate you to create quality marketing clips that are under half a minute.

  • YouTube video is an effective tool for customer engagement. Users are often willing to engage in discussions or add comments to their favorite clips, while subscribed fans get regularly exposed to your videos.

Digiday statistics shows that online video production is a big market with a huge potential as only about 25% of all brands use this medium. Still, almost every mobile viewer shares at least one video he or she watches. Finally, approximately 76% of marketing executives are planning to include videos in their promotional campaigns. Consider these numbers to stay ahead of competitors.

How to Create Marketing Videos?

Right now, you are convinced that making videos is beneficial for your brand promotion, so it’s high time to get down to work. Don’t panic: start slowly and work your way up. Consider your audience, their interests and preferences and then create a quality video that will appeal to them.

Add Different Video Types

YouTube users search for versatile content: it can be music videos, funny commercials, workshops, tutorials, etc. Keep that in mind when working on your clips. It’s a great idea to produce different bits of visual content. Don’t hesitate to upload interesting interviews with business executives or webinars designed to help your audience solve some particular problem. Brainstorm and use even crazy ideas as almost everything relevant and valuable will work!

Make Quality Your Priority

Amateurish editing, poor quality and bad acting can turn your audience away from your vids in seconds! Fortunately, state-of-the-art gadgets allow creating HD clips in a hassle-free manner. However, good charismatic actors are not that easy to find, so you’ll need some time to complete this task. Opt for enthusiastic individuals who have necessary skills to sell your product.

Prove That Your Offer Is Valuable Right from the Start

There is a fact you should remember: user interest fades away in less than half a minute after hitting ‘play’. That’s one of the popularity secrets of Instagram and Vine. The companies make minimal investment while the quantity of users keep on growing. Even if your vid is going to be 3 or 10 minute long, you absolutely have to grab users’ attention in the first 30 seconds.

Call to Action Is a Must

Why are you making your video? Would you like to embed it to your site or account in a social network? Do you want to link it to a newsletter form or your subscribe page? Then add the required information or link at the end of your clip.

Be Consistent

Videos you make should correspond to your ongoing campaign. Of course, some of them may feature stand-alone content, while others need to be consistent with the rest. A successful campaign is aimed at establishing a cohesive brand image. Check some successful brands on YouTube and have a look at their website. You’ll see that the content is pretty similar and consistent everywhere.

Stay a Human

Robotic voices are not pleasing to your ear, so why use them in your video? Get a good microphone and hire an experienced voice actor to participate in your video. It would be great if you could find a person who will become a face of your campaign. Don’t forget that your script should cover the most important points whilst adding a personal touch to your masterpiece. The video you produce should reveal the personality of your company.

Facilitate User Engagement via Submissions & Discussions

Don’t view your clip as a one-side activity. Of course, it’s you who produce it and puts efforts to promote it. But you can still engage users by facilitating discussions, posting and answering to comments. Additionally, you might ask for media submissions. How? Organize a contest in which users should compete by uploading short video replies to your clip.

Take Advantage of Social Networking Sites

Obviously, maximum online exposure is your key to success, which means that your video should be exposed to as many users as possible. For this reason, you may use social networks like FB or Google+. Fortunately, there is an option on YouTube that allows you to share your video and embed it to almost any social website.

Think aboutVideo Series

Consider producing a themed series and post regular updates. In such a way, your fans may have something to anticipate and look forward to, something like a favorite sitcom. If your video is part of series, chances are that people will spend some time to see all the episodes to catch up.

Mind Your SEO

Search engine optimization works for your video just like it does for your site. So, you may optimize the script and even post a transcript so that Google could index your page and give you higher rankings. If you can’t modify the script, optimize at least your description and hashtags.

By following the tips listed above, you can produce a good quality video with engaging content that will attract more customers. In fact, you’ve already done the major part of work if you’ve come up with a marketing plan and done your research. Make a video in line with the expectations of your clients and start doing it now.

24 June 2014
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