Why make business on Facebook: one more reason to set a Business Page

Facebook offers more and more opportunities to create and promote business without leaving your room. You can do everything with the help of your computer and the Internet. You can order supplies, set a shop, hold a grand promotion campaign, sell online, receive money and start all over again without leaving your room. Well, that statement contains at least two jokes – you will have to leave your room at least to travel to the fridge and eat something, and Facebook does not allow conducting all kinds of business transactions as for now, but most of them are available. What matters is the point that Facebook introduces more and more features to make business operations easier and more convenient. This social network today is no more fun; it is the necessity of our lives.

So what important features one should take into consideration while planning promo campaign on Facebook and deciding if it is necessary to buy Facebook fans to make your page look credible to future customers (and get more fans and customers in the future).

Facebook has the greatest treasure of today – the access to personal information of millions of users and resources to process these data and make full use of it. Now it continues its targeted ads program and introduces “partner categories”. It is about 500 groups made of people who share the same purchase and services search interests. That is, some time ago they were looking for the same kind of product, and it is highly possible that they will look for it in the nearest future. The data about search interests are collected through browsing history, cookies and the similar traces of a users’ online activity. On the basis of these data these partner categories are made up, and it is a pure pleasure for advertisers to hit the audience of people really interested in the offer with just one click of the mouse.

Facebook will develop this technology further, hitting two aims with one shot. First, ads placed under this technology will be far more efficient because they meet the needs of people seeing them, and second, people will see ads which may be of use. They are not so annoying and do not make people unsubscribe from every ad offered without looking at it. The point is clear. Facebook is rapidly developing its marketing potential, so go and buy Facebook fans for your Business page to deliver your message to your people. Do now worry about purchasing – every purchased fan will finally bring you a few newcomers, and make your business grow. So start acting right now.

12 July 2013
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