Why Facebook is still important – and how it gets higher on his scale

The price of Facebook IPO was $40 per share, and then it gradually dropped to 26.25 dollars. Still no one thinks of dropping the whole lot of shares in favor of some other company. Why? Because Facebook still reigns on the market of online socializing and the following number support this statement. In the last year Facebook saw increase in number of daily active users – it grew up by 26%, in number of FB apps and browsing on various mobile gadgets – up by 56%, and the total revenue grew significantly despite the stock price cut – the profit grew by 38%. The network has united most people of the “developed world” – so now it aims at the “developing countries”. Facebook is too addictive and absorbing activity to leave anyone uninvolved, and there is no need to worry that the network will stop growing.

People who are using Facebook do not lose interest in the network either. Zuckerberg in his turn tries to make activities on FB easier and more fun, and all the factors accumulate to make his prediction come true: once he said that the volumes of stuff-sharing on FB will double every next year, and perhaps he looked into some magic mirror. Facebook Home, mobile apps based not on HTML5 but on simpler languages to speed up and improve performance, new advertizing policies – everything works together to make Facebook even more appealing.

That is why we recommend you, as an owner of a Business Page on Facebook (if you run any kind of business you must have long ago set up this page, and do not tell us that no, you did not) not to discard the importance of likes for Facebook. With users’ activity ever growing and prospects of expanding the market of FB ads to the developing countries, any self-respecting businessman will take care to make his FB Business page look serious and regularly visited, and likes for Facebook will perform this function very well.

It is commonly accepted that pages with many likes are reliable, credible, offer only good stuff and are in general worth more attention than those with few likes. Likes are given by people, and if many people from all over the world (or the bigger part of it) say that “it’s OK, go and get it”, then most probably you will go and get it.

So the message is here, and we hope that you will take it seriously. Polish your Business page, polish your products and keep the number of likes at your page going up. Then your company will grow in unison with Zuckerberg’s Facebook. He knows what he is doing. And so are you.

15 July 2013
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