Which Companies Can Be the Next Facebook’s Acquiring?

safeToday, it is a common thing, that there are too many events that occur and connected with the name of Mark Zuckerberg – owner and establisher of Facebook. Just during several years ago, he made a decision to invest in small, but very perspective companies. Such decision is simply explained by competition with Google. Media community received new portion of news for gossips: Mark Zuckerberg has married and purchased the Instagram for $1 billion. There are no doubts that Facebook has turned into major social media company, due to such inputs. When Facebook Corporation is growing and Google implements new algorithms, we – Get-Likes.com Company continue to provide top-quality service for getting popularity on Facebook. Men and women, SEO experts and usual users want to predict the next investment of Mark Zuckerberg. For example in Ireland, Paddy Power – a platform for making bets, is ready to participate in betting about future inputs by Facebook. Review these start-up companies below.


1. Foursquare

There are many debates about being Foursquare in this list. Some think that Foursquare has high chances to be purchased by Zuckerberg, while others do not support such point of view.


2. Spotify

Paddy Power explains this choice very easy: Facebook need some strong platform for music involvement, so such candidates as Audioboo, Rara Music and Spotify are the best. Some people consider that Zuckerberg may want to connect Facebook with blogosphere. Today’s blog is the most important information stream online for thousands of people, so it is very Likely that Zuckerberg has certain plans for blogs.


3. Evernote

Talks about necessity to purchase special social media platforms, that will be targeted on music, video and software, do not stop. Consequently, Evernote is the most convenient recourse for Mark Zuckerberg to achieve such aims.


4. Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud data storage center, where users can save various applications and personal files. Paddy Power announces such chances for Dropbox to be purchased by Facebook: 5 to 1. The strongest opponent Google has already bought YouTube, so chances of purchasing YouTube for Facebook are really low: 40 to 1. Recently, Myspace is getting less popular, thus it is not a candidate for investment.


5. Pinterest

Another social media site for photo sharing, that may interest Zuckerberg is Pinterest. According to Jonathan Yarmis, Pinterest is a website with enormous potential, but still not many users. On top of that, a problem about intellectual property can arise. Teresa Caro, social media responsible person from Engauge, is sure that purchasing of Instagram network is an evident fact of another scenario for Facebook. Taking into account endeavors with Gowalla and solving problems with Friendster patents, Facebook needs something more powerful. Purchasing of Foursquare would be the most optimal decision.

There are many speculations over the fact of possible Zuckerberg’s purchases. Some group of people supposes that he is going to focus on media blogging websites. Indeed, chance for the following websites is not very clear: MySpace, YouTube, Tumblr, Friends Reunited, Flickr. For instance, if to believe Paddy Power, so Friends Reunited is very unlikely purchase of Zuckerberg in the nearest future (40 to 1 odds).

Right after buying Instagram, new owner – Mark Zuckerberg, stated that he is not going to invest anymore in such online social projects. Actually, this statement can be considered as double game for opponents.

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3 April 2014
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