What you should know about Facebook fans

Fans on Facebook are different from Friends and their mission (or aims and concerns) is different, too. Fans are attached to public or Business Pages, where they get all the updates and posts appearing on the page, but the Page owner does not receive all the updates from all the fans (like you receive from your Frinds). The aim of his category is not “friending”, it is keeping people updated on what is going on in life of a celebrity or in the business to which the page is dedicated. It is a kind of good old newsletter, yet here everything happens faster, it is interactive to some extent, it has pictures, videos and all the stuff one may need from promotion and it all happens on Facebook. Today this is a great advantage.

It is said in the Terms of Service that you cannot directly invite your Facebook friends to join your Business page, but there are other ways to get you fans that may become your customers and bring you more interested people. You may invite your friends in real life. When you do it in person, it looks more convincing and more, well, caring, that when you send a message to everyone around. Once anyone became a fan of your page, this page will be shown on his or her own page, and all connections of the person will have access to it. Thus, there are more chances that other people will also “fan” your page.

Another option is to buy Facebook fans. It is up to everyone to decide whether it is cheating or a business move, but it is proved that to develop properly every business should have a good start and this start is impossible without fans and likes at your page. For example, you do not even have the right to customize your business page name if you do not have 25 likes. And the bigger the number the better. The same applies to fans – more fans means getting even more fans in the future. So it is actually a totally acceptable option – to buy Facebook fans as a starting platform for operations and then expanding your audience through other means.

And for sure – advertize, advertize and advertize. Nowadays Facebook is perhaps the best platform for advertizing with its targeted ads, partner categories, new policies of ads categorizing and lucrative offer on promotion of mobile apps from third parties. So choose the category for advertizing (the place where you want to see your ad), pay, and see what a good advertizing strategy could do. For sure you will have Fans, and for sure some of them will become your customers. How many of them – depends on you only.

17 July 2013
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