What Posts Should Your Facebook Business Page Definitely Have

If you just started to use Facebook for business you should know that it is very important, don’t get stuck in a rut with your posts. Try to mix them.

Update your status day by day or at least a few times per week. It shows to visitors that you are alive and active and your business growing. Of course, you can post something like “Just wake up”, but better to connect this with your business. Something like “One more hard working day on my lovely job!” would be nice. Good decision to post any question in status. For example, if you are a hairdresser ask something like “How do you think what hair color the best for summer?” Or ask customers to fill in the blank. “The best hair color for me is____” Looks like a game.Interesting for people and useful for you. The other name of this status is Conversations starters. With these easy tools, you can start to communicate with your audience. Maybe this will help you to understand their needs.

Start to post any information about your products or your service. Post some links on your website where visitors can look what your company is doing. It is a good resource for providing your website.Don’t forget to specify links on your page on Facebook on your site.

But do not forget that too much of self-promotion can make bad effect on your fans and do not let your Facebook page looks like free billboard. Post some interesting articles or links. This could be interesting for your customers. Share some video or infographics. Maybe you have not enough resources to make such tools you can easily provide them to your visitor.

Very powerful resource is photo. On your website, you can share high-quality photos and pictures. And this is right. But on Facebook better to do it simpler. Make a few photos of your colleagues when they are working, show to customers how you create your product. Also, client’s photos won’t be superfluous. Users will pay attention that your organization has clients, and you can attract new. Try to create a topic around this photos, let to visitors to leave comments. It shows that you are interesting for the audience.

Free programs like “Picasa” will help you to make pictures better. It is free and easy. Those who has Smartphone can use for this job “Instagram”.

By following these simple rules, you do not let get bored to your customers and will always nurture their interest in your business. Good luck!

15 January 2016
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