Wanna Share My News? Social Networks As Major News Suppliers

Social Networks As Major News Suppliers

According to recent surveys, the global audience consumes more and more news articles and video streams daily, yet major world news agencies are cutting their jobs and losing their subscribers. The newspaper industry alone had to reduce its staff by one third in the last two decades because the demand for printed news has collapsed.

So how does one correlate this media crisis and growth in news consumption by people? The answer is simple: people tend to look for news on virtual media platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter Snapchat, etc. The socials customize their apps and desktop versions so that to deliver breaking news and analytics from leading news outlets to their readers in a fast and convenient manner, and demand for actual news supply in social newsfeeds will only increase. So now it is time to ride the wave and bet on the socials that promise the biggest payoff from investing into their news delivery features.

Facebook the Frontrunner

Facebook has grabbed the largest piece of cake in a sense of the world’s audience, and it is no surprise that most readers now access news sites (and generate traffic) right from their Facebook accounts. Upon detecting a tendency, the network focused on improving its news access experience.

To begin with, a smart tweak in the Facebook algorithm now allows seeing the most popular news posts on the top of a newsfeed, prior to seeing friends’ and Pages updates. Next step was the Instant Articles, a feature rolled out in partnership with major news outlets. Publishing giants like National Geographic or the New York Times now can post news updates right inside the Facebook app for iOS. Besides, the publishers now reap all cash coming from ads placed inside the posted articles. Facebook direct video streaming option is also made available to reputable journalists.

Along with this impressive quest for news reading audience, Facebook is reported to be developing a complex news alert feature. Namely, it will be an app notifying readers about important news updates via mobile alerts in real time mode. To crown it all, Facebook-owned Instagram offers the feature Explore that allows searching images related to the latest trending news.

Although Facebook is blamed for having monopolized the virtual publishing environment, its devoted audience of almost 1.5 billion users shows that the network is on the right path, and it stays ahead of its news-providing rivals.

Twitter on the Rise

Twitter, although it may look a lightweight service with its 140-character tweets, is actually a primary source of breaking news briefs. Despite recent management reshuffle and decrease of stock prices, Twitter witnesses the increase in number of its news-seeking audience (about 10% of growth during the last two years). So in line with the trend, Twitter turns itself towards sophisticated news delivery options instead of mirroring the main functions of every social network.

Its feature Moments (previously ‘Project Lightning’) was definitely an instant hit. This feature brings to users curated news content in real time mode. The feature includes videos from vine and Periscope, thus providing a comparatively complete idea of an event. Besides, Twitter now modifies its motley feed comprising all kinds of updates and makes it into an elaborate system of content curation, just like Facebook did. A new news tab on Twitter fits well into this process, as it collects trending daily news from reputable outlets and presents them along with top tweets of the day. In other words, it makes news search and consumption significantly more convenient and efficient. So along with Facebook, Twitter promises to stay on top of news supply to social media users.

Snapchat the Challenger

Although not so financially successful as Twitter or Facebook, Snapchat is a full fledge player on the market of news dissemination. First, the audience of Snapchat is young (ranging from 13 to 25 years) and the number of users continues to grow daily. Second, Snapchat is a trendsetter of news features and tabs designed for social networks, and the most popular news curation services and options presented by other social networks actually repeat the ones first introduced by Snapchat. For example, Snapchat’s Discover feature in partnership with major new publishers like Daily Mail was rolled out several months before Facebook introduced its Instant Articles.

Live Stories by Snapchat include carefully selected photo and video content provided by ordinary users who visit important events around the world and provide first-hand experience and materials right on the spot. Launched only a year ago, the feature already has twenty million daily users, and this is not the end.

Snapchat is definitely lagging in the news rivalry of social networks right now, yet its creativity and age of users give it additional advantages in shaping news supply landscape in the future.

Where Google meets Twitter: Alphabet as the Dark Horse

The union of these two web giants would be another groundbreaking merger and tectonic shift on the current map of social and news outlets. Already in May Google promised to include tweets in mobile search results, and in August tweets were declared to appear in desktop search results, too. Possible Google’s acquisition of Twitter would provide the search engine with a powerful tool of social sharing (as Google+ does not cope with the task) and at the same time would give Twitter access to unimaginable amount of traffic. This potential merger would be a turning point in many aspects of news consumption and social media news distribution. Add to the picture 1 billion of users of YouTube that belongs to Google, and the accumulated number of users and traffic generated within this 3-headed conglomerate may significantly change the current status quo.

All in all, the game of efficient supplying news to users of social networks is only gaining momentum. The competition of giants is a challenge in itself, and anyone trying to use it for the promotion of one’s business or independent projects needs to account for all possible nuances and foresee the consequences. Our http://get-likes.com/ outlet is an experienced player in the market of social promotion and we will gladly help you to get the most of this promising situation. So develop and invest into your business and let us run your promo campaigns in the socials for you.

27 January 2016
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