Using Facebook for Marketing Purposes

Facebook differs from other media, so it’s important to understand the specifics of marketing on Facebook, the basic do’s and don’ts. To take advantage of the unique opportunities Facebook offers, you need to remember that Facebook is mainly a place for socializing and entertainment, checking out photos and videos, sharing all sorts of impressions, experiences, and fun content. Therefore, the “hard sell” strategies will not work there, bringing you negative comments and making you an outsider. Posting about a product or service is not likely to be interesting – and certainly not likely to be “liked”. While people are being attacked by aggressive ads at almost every web page they visit and perceive those negatively, Facebook can help you to introduce your business or product in a relaxing environment and a more natural way by relating it to a fun project, an exchange of ideas, a photo gallery, a competition, a friendly conversation.

As Facebook differs from your company’s website or blog, being a fun social space where people like to talk to other people, you shouldn’t use official-sounding language. Write in a style that gives your business a human voice, natural and sincere, to make it likable.Photos and videos are the essential elements that make your content visually appealing, which is one of the most important factors in making and keeping people interested, engaged and entertained. Along with photos of products that are innovative, recently developed, special or newly added to your selection, you can post instructional videos, step-by-step guides, tips for choosing or doing something (clothing, places to visit, activities to try). Get creative and interactive with offering contests, free products, discounts, games or quizzes, surveys and, of course, special prizes for your loyal customers and fans. You can encourage people to post photos of them enjoying a certain kind of activity, food or drink, hobby, season, shopping, etc.Discounts, giveaways, and contests are the most effective for getting Facebook users to like and follow your page, as research shows.

Most Facebook users check their page frequently, so post new and interesting content regularly.Find topics that interest you Facebook friends, use Facebook Insights to learn more about their needs and interests. Engage the people who like your page in discussions, encourage them to respond to your posts, and reply quickly – preferably within 24 hours.If you fail to do it, they will gradually lose their interest.

28 December 2015
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