Using Facebook for business purposes

A Facebook page can promote your products or services and raise awareness about your brand or company, just like a website or blog can, but it provides some unique opportunities of attracting Facebook users that may become your fans and potential customers. As compared to other marketing activities that could cost you a fortune while having a similar result, it is a low-cost marketing strategy, perfect for small businesses with a limited budget.

Your Facebook page, besides describing your products and services, can include photos or videos to illustrate your company’s history, activities and projects, achievements or anything else that people might be interested to learn more about. This is a great way of letting them see the quality or any unique features of your product or service before they actually become your customers, of showing the difference between something that you offer and what is available elsewhere. In order to encourage people to give it a try, you can also post information about special offers or rewards, discounts or free gifts for your new or loyal customers.

Communicating, or “talking” to your customers and page visitors is very important and great for building long-term relationships with them, however, this shouldn’t be confused with constantly promoting your products or services directly. You can post interesting or useful information related to your business or the specific needs that you cater for (choosing holiday presents, for example, seasonal changes affecting our wardrobes or activities, health issues, tips, how-to videos, even jokes). Something that can be useful, interesting or entertaining for your existing and potential customers, their friends or other Facebook users promotes your business while being truly “likeable” instead of aggressive or annoying. It can also drive extra traffic to your website when you have a link to it on your Facebook page. Encourage your customers and other Facebook users to ask questions, to share their opinions on something, to leave comments and feedback. Engage them in a dialog, and of course take care to reply quickly.

Targeted advertising on Facebook is also a great option you can use, as it allows your ads to appear only on the pages of those who might be interested in what you offer – based on analyzing the information in the users’ profiles and their interests listed there.

28 December 2015
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