Useful Apps Which Will Make Your Facebook Business Page More Functional

Useful Apps Which Will Make Your Facebook Business Page More FunctionalTo set up a Facebook Business (or Fan) page is only the beginning of the way. The rest of job still waits ahead. It is okay to have the page filled with fresh information and news, but it is even more important to make the page functional – customers should have quick access to contacts, reviews, newsletter and all the small stuff which makes the page attractive and easy to navigate. Of course, Facebook page is not a personal website ad it does not allow much fancy customizing, but still there are some options for making the page more unique – and user-friendly.

Jim Belosic, the Chief Executive Officer of the ShortStack service, offers an insight into the opportunities of designing various apps for Facebook which will contribute to the popularity of your page and will probably turn your Facebook fans into your customers.

ShortStack offers its help to designers, businesses/companies and brands in their attempt to make their online campaigns really profitable. It is a convenient way to customize the FB page within the limits of the network policy and at the same time to make it resemble rather a website then just another fan page.

So here are some apps which are real must-have for a business page, no matter in which order you will prefer to place them.

App on Contests. Yes, contests are extremely popular with everybody, especially prize-giving contests. No, contests are not allowed directly on Facebook. Hence, the app should invite visitors to participate in the contest, link them to the contest location and be bright enough to spark the interest at once. The rest is up to your designer’s taste. Just remember: do not abuse FB policy on it, make registration and rules simple, and set the prize directly linked to your business.

App for Newsletter. Newsletter is good as an additional reminder of your existence to your customers, as one more occasion to ask people to like your page (for example, give your “like” and get access to newsletter subscription form). Tease people with bits of news in your status bar and promise the rest in the newsletter. Good old blackmail still works, huh?

App on RSS Feed. No need to say that it is a must-have, especially if you have a blog or a website. Broadcast posts from the blog directly to your page and make it through a nice custom-made app.
App for Current Events. Yes, FB offers a basic app for it, but we want to look special, right? Besides, the alert from an interesting app will not be seen as ordinary spam. So take care while designing it.

App on Reservation/Appointment. If your company is not as big as the Google with the staff counted by thousands, it may be convenient to receive orders or set appointments through an online form, that is, app. You may even use the whole reservation system which will make reservations for customers and schedules for you – like iFrame.

App on Information Request. Consider the reasoning above. Why engage more people, if the app can address the question right to the place where answers to FAQ are provided or at least to send the question to the right person?

Just the same relates to Contact Us App (or Customer Support App).

And do not forget about App for Testimonials and Surveys App. People do like to read and write reviews and to participate in surveys on what services they would like to get and what they do not like at all.

24 June 2013
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