Unique Facebook landing page – new face of your business

World Wide Web offers lots of opportunities to promote advertise and expand your business. Nowadays the whole fortunes are made in the Internet and it is simpler than you may think. We do not say that you should pick everything you have and invest into some IT startup in hope to get rich overnight. What we mean is that whatever you do may bring you profit, sometimes really significant, so you just have to know where to look for it.

Lots of things have been said about advertising on Facebook and the opportunities it offers. Yet every advertizing activity is conducted within the limits set on Facebook, and all Business Pages look alike. For sure, personal websites are more convenient and give more space for creativity and self-promotion; however, only social networks (Facebook being the biggest one) give access to the grandest audience of potential clients ever. So no matter whether you have your site or not, a business page on FB is a must have for your successful promotion campaign. Facebook likes are not just teens’ obsession; they are the measurement of your popularity and tools to earn money. Facebook likes give credibility and weight to what is posted on your page, more likes mean that more fans will join your page, and more fans means as usually more customers. So this is clear – take care to gather fans wherever possible, there are lots of ways to attract them (and we have discussed some of them).

So, we were talking about personal websites and standard-looking Business Pages on FB. How are they linked? It turns out that there is a connection. Facebook took into consideration the desire of users to be more different in their business appearance and provided the option of customizing the look of your FB landing business page. First of all you can set up a custom Welcome Window (or Tab). So instead of seeing the traditional design your visitors will see what you want them to see – welcoming words and whatever you care to write over there about yourself and your business, plus photos from your blog or site (they are not uploaded, bit just interlinked with this welcome Tab). So on your Business Page go to Edit Page, and then go to Applications. You need Facebook Static FBML application, then choose Go to the Application. There you see the form to complete. Fill in the Title box, and then write your message or whatever you need and add photos from your actual site through HTML links. Hit Save Changes down the page. Here you are.

Besides, this new tab may be the official face of your page by default. At your Business Page find Wall and find Wall Settings. For “Default Landing Tab for Everyone Else” choose a newly created tab – its name is given in the box. Now this tab will be displayed as welcoming poster to everyone coming to your page.

19 July 2013
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