To be or not to be on the web or Hamlet goes to Facebook

Actually there is no question for a business to be or not to be on the web – it is obvious. One should not consul Shakespeare to get the answer. The question should be how to start the activity on the web, where to start it and how to develop in order to use the online potential to the full.

Previously advertisements (the main tool of businesses ever) were placed on the most unexpected spots, from your daily bus to your kids cereals, in order to catch attention and be the first to offer you the product. Now as attention shifts to the web, advertising smoothly follows. Now you might expect pop-ups, flowing windows and rest of the stuff to chase you like a pack of hungry wolves on any web site you enter.

Let us not lament but just reassert the long known truth – today the Internet decides everything. And not just the faceless Internet with lots of mysterious web sites and forbidden “adults only” channels – it is its “faced” part, networks uniting millions of people like Facebook and Twitter. These social media now literally rule the online world; they shape opinions, create beliefs, bring to the tops of the ratings and destroy destinies and businesses literally in hours. Yes, they are that powerful.

Yet really workable SMM strategy is not about that. Ads placing is strictly regulated on FB and other popular networks, and may sometimes be pricey. The point is that social networking operates on principles of “everyone knows everybody” and “tells everybody what you are doing right now”. Every user has the opportunity to say something about him, establish his or her presence, make “friends” with others and keep in touch all the time, getting countless newsfeeds, updates, alerts, notifications etc. Just imagine – every minute people send 100,000 tweets, users post 684,478 pieces of content on Facebook, and no one ever tried to count now many Facebook likes are given per day or at least per minute (if someone has the data, please kindly share it).

And this is where businesses should (and actively do) join in. If your page has enough friends or Facebook likes or Twitter followers, it gains reputation. It is really so. It gains social weight and becomes attractive. Imagine that friends recommend this page to their friends, they all get updates and new posts from it, and through chain reaction you gain more and more fans/followers, some of them will definitely become your customers or pass the information along to those who will. This is what it is all about. About being popular in social networks.

And keep in mind – since 2007, the year when the first iPhone was launched, people’s activity in social networks increased by 230% . Sounds more than impressive. And this is just the beginning of the wave, as more and more sophisticated mobile devices offer easy access to the Internet anywhere – from your pool to the desert sands (if there is any connection, of course).
The wave gains speed, so put Shakespeare aside and go get a good book on social media marketing. Or hire a professional. It will pay back as well.

21 June 2013
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