ThingLink Images on Facebook

Now marketers have one more great chance to buy likes on Facebook fan page. Online ThingLink service provides Facebook users by interactive images, and businesses can buy them for their ads to make them more vivid and popular.

This modern platform officially appeared on Facebook on the 23rd of April, 2013. What it actually gives? You keep staying in Facebook Timeline and reading your posts, and when you want to see what is inside of the indicated image, you just press on it, and it blooms with different information, which can be attached to it: some more photos, video roles, and interesting content.

Everybody on Facebook is allowed to ThingLink products, no matter how powerful you are. You can be a popular brand owner or just a common user, but ThingLink images are opened for you, and you have a wonderful opportunity to submerge in any sea of the presented image. It looks like a fairytale, image is a magic mirror, and when you go inside it, you learn what it really reflects.

When you touch one of the main information images, numerous icons appear to show you the variety of related to the image content. Just click on those icons and you will be able to view YouTube videos, pop clips, different sites and many other data from various virtual sources.

This ThingLink idea of offering a colossal pack of information is very impressive, especially when businesses want to show all possible and impossible information about their services and products, about their surveys and free probes, about their contests and prizes, and many other things that is very difficult to compress on one Facebook page or in one promotional video. It is usually a time consuming procedure and costs much money, but now marketers can simply borrow ThingLink’s great idea of “hiding” all the useful information under the one image. Invest your money in Facebook ads and buy your images’ likes from ThingLink on Facebook fan page!

However, the previous interactive-image service Stipple has managed to do the first successful step to a trend’s growth. Interaction, no matter where it is performed, on images, on posts, on Timeline, on comments, on contests and many-many other possible platforms, gives users a tremendous way of social communication. Interactive images are one more independent communication platform within the vast Facebook social network environment.

The first social network, where ThingLing debuted, is Twitter. And according to Twitter statistics the result of ThingLink images promotion is the following: the number of post’s visiting has been increased five times as much. Figures speak for themselves, and ThingLink is going to be Facebook’s great investment project.

5 June 2013
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