Steps to Establish Successful Twitter Contest

safeIt is obvious fact that Twitter is the best way for business and brand promotion. The only thing you need to perform is to build effective twitter contest campaign and then you will quickly gain as many followers as you want. Now you are possibly wondering: how to attract people and make Twitter page interesting. We want to offer you easy methods to attract users and keep their interest with a help of twitter contest.

Arrange a Lottery Contest
This type of contest is very easy, but can bring you great effect. See how it works: firstly you announce users about a lottery and then define a winner, randomly drawing a card or something like this. You may establish such rules of the lottery: to take part in a lottery competition, users have to retweet a post from your page to their active audience. Undoubtedly, this will work and you will get new flow of followers. Also, there is another scenario for lottery: you ask people to fill in a newsletter form on your site or another action to be able to take part in a lottery.

Make Twitter Contest for the Best Answer
Actually, this method can also bring good results, when it comes about successful Twitter contest. For example, such organization as KFC has used this method. Everything you need to start this twitter content is to invent interesting questions, which will stimulate people to offer creative answers. The winner is usually defined by the organizers.

When Kentucky Fried Chicken net of fast food restaurants applied this type of contest, they asked their followers a question about $20,000 scholarship. Surely, they do not forget to add a hashtag to get more effective results. The best answer was offered by Amanda Russel and this, what she has written: #KFCScholar Hey Colonel! Your scholarship’s the secret ingredient missing from my recipe for success! Got the grades, drive, just need cash”.

Involve Photos in Twitter Competition
If you arrange this photo competition, which will be based on your brand product involvement, so you will get thousands of funny photo images and thus excellent content. You have to ask people to add hashtags with your brand and make cool photos. In this content the winner is also defined by you.

We offered three effective methods. Did you like them? How do you think, which one will be the most successful twitter contest? However, essential condition for all three variants is to ask users to post content with a hashtag you need.

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12 March 2014
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