Money Back Warranties

Our company guarantees that you will receive 100% of subscribers and likes as it is stipulated in the chosen package. Please, pay attention that the process of the order completion is influenced by many factors we cannot predict. The time specified in the description of the chosen service package is approximate. All deadlines can be discussed individually with every customer. If there is a delay in the execution of the order, you will be informed about it beforehand. We provide total refund for our clients in case the order is not completed in time. But there are several cases when we can provide only partial refund.

• No refunding is provided for blocked or banned pages on Facebook. As we have huge experience in providing social media promotion we can emphasize that our services have never cause any discrepancies with Facebook team. That is why our company is not to be blamed of any impediments happen to your page on Facebook.
• Please remove all restrictions from the settings of your page on Facebook. If there are any restrictions including country, sex or age, our company will not bear responsibility for failure of the full order completion.
• No refunds are provided in case of the system errors or collapse.
• 100% money back is guaranteed only in case total amount of the ordered likes or subscribers is not delivered to you in time.
• 30 days are required for consideration of any inconveniences.
We kindly ask you to read all Terms and Conditions, Privacy and Refund Policy before placing the order. We advise you to check all information accurately in order to avoid any discrepancy. If you decided to stop the order processing, we will not be able to make any refund. From the moment of placing the order there is no opportunity to stop the process of getting fans and likes for your page. If you want to change URL (username) for getting likes and subscribers, please send your request to us within 24 hours from the moment of placing the order. In case we do not start to deliver subscribers and likes to your page, you can send us new URL (username).
100% money back is guaranteed only in case the ordered service was failed and you can provide us with the strong evidence for this. You can prove the failure of the order by collecting data about the lack of the ordered amount of likes and subscribers.
Contact our support team if you have any additional questions regarding our money back warranties or if you have any claims.

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