Privacy Policy

What information is needed to start our cooperation?

You have to fill the register form on the web resource of our company while placing the order. You have to send us the following data: your name, e-mail address, payment details. You also can check our web source even if you has not been registered yet.


Why do you have to send us your personal details?

Here are the reasons why we need this certain personal details from you.

1. Your personal details are used for successful processing of the order. No third party company has the access to the details we get from you but only in case you give us your permission. All personal details we are asking for we use only for your transaction.

2. We ask for your e-mail address for keeping you updated regarding the order processing phase. We want to give our clients the high-rate quality services only, we always keep our customers in touch with all our updates and news.


How do we secure your personal details?

All personal details we get from you are protected by our modern security system. We use tested and protected server for our web resource. We use SSL to transmit all data. As for the payment details, they are kept encoded. The access to such information has the authorized assistants only and they work strictly confidentially.

Please, pay attention, that we do not keep your payment information such as credit cards or social security numbers etc. after the payment is done.


What for do we need browser cookies?

We emphasize that we use browser cookies. What are they? Browser cookies are needed to make a connection with your computer’s hard drive. When you confirm that you allow our web resource to connect to your computer, it becomes easier for us to cooperate with each other. Our web resource can recognize your browser and save necessary data (login, password etc.). It is very useful and helps to identify your orders.


Do any other companies have the access to the information we get from you?

Our company guarantees that no other companies have the access to the information you send to us. Nevertheless we can use any information for improvement of our work. We guarantee that all operations with your data are strictly confidential and only limited number of trusted assistants have the access to it. We reserve the right to use any information when we are forced to do this, for example when we must protect the rights of our company judicially. There are some cases when third party companies may use some data for marketing researches or other cases.


Privacy Protection Act of Children Online (1998)

We confirm that our company observes the statements of the abovementioned act. That is why we do not provide children less than 13 years old with our services. We cooperate only with the customers older than 13 years.


Privacy policy of the information online

Our company complies with the privacy policy of all data available online not including the offline sources.


Consumer agreement

Every consumer confirms his/her agreement with the policy of our company by starting cooperation with us.


Privacy policy updates

In case any changing of our privacy policy, all updates will appear on our web resource. The date of the last changes will be modified too.

Last updates were made on 20.06.2014.


Contact information

Use the contact form on our web resource to get any necessary information regarding our policy or any other question.

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