Nanigans Platform for Facebook Ad Marketing

Do you buy Facebook kid-fans for little money or pay much more for adults? Let’s have a look at brilliant examples of ad realization from Nanigans.

Nanigans is one of the first Facebook’s official Ads API Partner presents an automated online bidding platform for the Facebook ad companies. The company’s ad powerhouse gives marketers excellent opportunities to systematize and automate the process of placing their social ads. Nanigans ad engine develops a scale of ads, where these ads are presented according to their profitability.

Nanigans – excellent Facebook ad marketplace is going to create SaaS technology, the main function of which will be predicting what groups of customers have the real potencies to buy advertisers’ services or products. Nanigans is going to sextuple its profits within 18 months, but now it invests $5.8 million “Series A.1” from Avalon Ventures fund. The advertising platform is going to achieve Facebook’s progress, and so, there is a certain practical sense in such a big R&D investment.

There are three figures which dominate in advertising. The first is CPA (cost per acquisition) denotes how much you invest for one customer, the second – LTV (lifetime value) denotes how much brings you that customer, and the third – ROI (return on investment) – how big the difference between your LTV and CPA is. In most cases advertisers cannot predict exact LTV, they simply don’t have such good technologies, and the only way of this situation is aiming to have the minimal CPA and accordingly smaller LTV, which will any way prove its value economically and deliver ROI.

However, Nanigans has ruined that old stereotype and built a tremendous technology that makes businesses’ ad calculations much easier and precise. And the company didn’t ask big and immediate returns; on the contrary it is oriented on a long-term cooperation for rather small fees.

The Nanigans’s innovative predictive modeling engine deduces and tracks total amount of every customer spends. The key point of its e-commerce strategy is revealing of the age factor. Younger potential clients cost cheaper according to CPA indicator, but their revenues are proportionally smaller. On the contrary, one can get higher ROI from more expensive older internet users. It is natural, because only people with a stable income, not kids, of course, can afford their constant purchases. So, buy Facebook adult-fans and increase your ad revenues!

Nanigans’ SaaS platform is developed to enable the usual option of sharing users’ revenue data with third-parties. Nanigans will be the only service businesses license and trust, and wait for real ROI optimizations.

Series A.1 from Nanigans is going to be more impressive solution. High qualitative experts and academic researchers will develop new algorithms of predictive modeling platform. Advertising is probably the most fast developed sphere of business, or even a basis for developing of other science and business fields. Facebook is progressing constantly in producing new mobile apps, interfaces, ad formats, targeting mechanisms and tools, and retargeting of Facebook Exchange.

30 May 2013
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