Mark Zuckerberg Spent $1bn Making Donations

The youngest philanthropist, Mark Zuckerberg in his 29, promises to give charity in amount $990m from Facebook Company shares to three organizations.

He informed the world about his big plans: to donate $990m, according to the latest Facebook shares cost. Three social network organizations, will receive this cherished donation from Mark Zuckerberg. Business Insider even announced names of these companies: the Silicon Valley Community, The Breakthrough Prize in Life Science and Zuckerberg Foundation. On top of that, Zuckerberg has sold A class shares, that are worth $2.3bn.

Right after successful deal, that was for $3.9b, voting position of Mark Zuckerberg has very jumped, for instance, it was 65.2pc before and now it is 62.8pc. It is not a secret that M. Zuckerberg makes a great contribution to the philanthropy of America, thus he is number two after another billionaire donor, Warren Buffet. In 2012 his input to the Silicon Valley Community Fund was around $498.8m.

Some analysts want to believe that such charity donations from Zuckerberg, that happened on December 19, could turn into yearly present. At any rate, donations from two main philanthropists are very considerable and comparing with the previous year Facebook shares cost, charity input is only increasing.

3 February 2014
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