Make Your Facebook Account Sell Your Goods and Services

Total internalization of a global economy provides hundreds of business opportunities that were not available before. It’s a right time to change your traditional view on a business promotion and turn your attention to a new trend called f-commerce that is based on catching your consumers up while they are visiting Facebook.

Billions of daily visitors make the social site a perfect platform for commercial activity that provides a good chance to develop a new business or to promote an exciting one. More than 34 billion of USD have jumped out of pockets of on-line consumers into sellers accounts since 2010, and this number is going to rise!

Before you decide to make Facebook work on you – read some easy instructions that will not allow you to be lost in the world off-commerce

No person – no business

Be ready to link your personal Facebook profile to a page that you plan to use for business. You may feel that this step can sacrifice some of your privacy but think positive and concentrate on what you may get instead. Be also sure that the information posted on your private page doesn’t contradict with the idea presented on a commercial one.

Work hardly on popularity

Raising your selling rate by using Facebook is hardly possible without establishing a group of followers that support the idea of your business and are ready to view, buy and promote your offers. Probably the easiest technic to attract active visitors to your commercial page is to be active yourself and to find time to leave comments, likes and shares on different Facebook sites. Pages that sell goods similar to yours are a perfect place to find followers on.

Find partners

Worst way to make people know about you and what you sell is to spam and throw your commercial posts all over the Facebook pages. Principles of cooperation and partnership that work in off-line word are the same for internet selling. Offer your page for posting somebody’s adverts and get permission to post yours on their pages instead.

Choose your URL

Making address of your internet page easy to remember, readable and unusual is the most efficient way to stay in mind of those who visited your business page once and may have the slightest desire to come back to it in future. Be sure that your vanity domain is not complicated and looks different from thousands of others so it can always be found and recognized. Moreover, your vanity URL will stay unchanged till you decide opposite.

24 April 2015
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