Likes for Facebook and Other Ratings: how important is the opinion?

Facebook was the first to offer a convenient way to share people’s opinion on anything with the help of “Like” button. Now everything is assessed through the prism of “likes” – whether it is a new movie, the President’s speech or your friend’s party photos. It is convenient and it is catchy. We got accustomed to giving our likes (or dislikes) to everything we see, and Facebook decided to move a step further.

With its targeted ads campaign, Graph Search (beta) and the rest of personalizing fun, the network decided to be more specific in assessments and provided its users with opportunity not just to ‘like”, but to rate books, shows and movies they have seen with stars.

What all the fuss is about, you may say. Well, it is worth attention. Just as likes for Facebook, star ratings are very important in the entertainment industry. More stars mean more attention of viewers or readers, more stars mean getting to the top of search results and so on. The same principle will now work on Facebook – in the list of movies “my friends liked” a user will be first shown 5-star items, and then items with lower rating. They all are liked by friends – and yet they differ in their quality. This is very important distinction.

Besides, one more move on tidying up the FB pages look is Sections. Now all apps are divided into Sections, and Sections are neatly aligned to the left (separately from user posts put to the right). In those Sections all apps and content you liked will appear. So once again we return to likes for Facebook. If rating means giving stars as well as likes, then Sections need only your “like” given to an app to show it proudly to everyone visiting your page. Be it a game, a useful app or content like music and places like restaurants, they will all be displayed if a user gives them a “like”.

Now it is obvious, that trusted likes for Facebook still mean a lot. Alongside the ads placed into corresponding ads units (oh well, Facebook again redesigns its approach to advertizing) likes are playing the important role in promoting your products, a restaurant, a new app (if you are a developer) and in creating your good reputation. So whatever you do or sell, do not forget to invite people to “like” it, there are lots of ways to do it. If nothing works, then try to buy some likes for a starter, and in the future they will gradually accumulate to give your product significance and weight. Anyhow, do not let your great product get lost in the sea of other offers only because it did not collect good deal of FB likes right in the crucial moment.

27 July 2013
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