Let’s get started: Business (Fan) Page Making

Let’s get started: Business (Fan) Page MakingFacebook is a great place for fun, communication, even greater time-waster and a good location to find new customers, clients and to run advertizing campaigns far and wide. So let us not waste time and start doing business on Facebook.

First of all, Mr. Zuckerberg knows his business well, and the policy of FB will not allow you to create a fan page if you do not have a personal account (profile). It is an important sign as to close connection between the two accounts. It means that if something happens to your personal profile (for example, for some reason you will decide to delete it), the same will happen to your business Page. So set up a profile if you did not get it by now and we will proceed to the immediate task of creating a business page.

Before we begin, one more tip: you are allowed to create fan pages for businesses or organizations with which you are directly and legally affiliated – your enterprise, agency or the like. You might want to set up The Beatles Fan Page but you are not allowed to do it unless you have the official permission and personal blessing from Sir Paul McCartney (this analogy may be applied to any known brand).

Now go to your Facebook account and have a look around. In the very far right hand corner there is Accounts bar and the cogwheel which means Settings. Click it and you will see word Help. Click it and choose Visit the Help center. There to the left you will see a list, choose Pages and follow the detailed instructions on how to create a Page, why create it and lots of useful tips.

Before you go to Facebook and launch the process, there’s a briefing which will save you some time and help to decide for some options.
There are profiles and there are pages. They have different functionality, and which is more important, different purposes.

- Business or organization may have a page, but not a profile. Opening of a profile for business is strictly forbidden by the terms of Service.
- Business pages may gather a big group of Facebook fans (do not mix them with friends), but they will have limited access to your individual profile.
- Business pages do not have the function of friend making – there one can have Facebook fans only, people who follow the official news but do not have access to personal info. Friends function is allowed for Profiles only.
- Business pages have the function of status update – and this status is shown to your Facebook fans.
- The content which is allowed for sharing on business Pages: videos, pictures, applications, wall posts, discussion board, groups and other interactive stuff. All this content will help you to better organize you business page and make it engaging and efficient.

17 June 2013
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