Launching of Facebook Apps (Part 2)

Yesterday we started learning some interesting details about Facebook launching procedure. Facebook accent its attention on people consuming content, and if your profile, your apps have a cool content, no deny, your brand will be awarded by social network leader. But don’t forget some details, which can seem not so important, but they are important, and keeping them in mind and trying to develop them will built a safety basis of your any Facebook promotional company.

6. Adapt Facebook policy of requiring real names. Facebook users are required to indicate their real names on their Facebook profiles. So, if you decide to buy Facebook fans, be sure that these users are real breathing creatures from the very existence of Facebook. And back to your app, when you adapt this original approach to your app and its engagements, like exampled above authentication of your contest winners, you will escape doubtful profiles. Only Facebook users with actual permanent email addresses will be awarded. Cheaters can be tempted by nice prizes, and the only way to unmask them is asking for their real names.

7. Hacker trick. If you want to have a perfect working system, test it before launching. Find a good program expert and set him a task to intervene into the contest program and even deserve the main prize without answering on any question or sharing any photo, or content. Usually many gaps are found during the test stage, and, as you guess, improving of them is very important. An efficient pre-engagement will save your time and money, and you will get good return on investment.

8. Have a lively way of thinking. Don’t be typical and boring, be bright and variable.

9. Set a budget for customer support and encouragement. Every month built into your budget a certain amount of money for encouragement and support of your most active and lucky Facebook fans, just buy likes of your Facebook fans. By doing so you are probably waiting for relief, and, of course, every ground and well-considered movement will be appreciated, but nobody is safe from unexpectedness. So, manage a system that will be always on the alert.

10. Catch cookies. Facebook uses Safari browser, which doesn’t allow cookies from third parties. Facebook can be against these cookies. But still you are able to change this setting or adapt working around it. Don’t forget about this statement and make all pre arrangements and testing procedures before successful launching of your Facebook app.

9 May 2013
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