Launching of Facebook Apps (Part 1)

Launching of Facebook AppsIf you want to run your business promotion on Facebook, buy Facebook fans of your brand, so be ready to use this social network’s custom apps. The rules of the Facebook platform are rather simple: it is a must to administer all promotional campaigns within Facebook’s apps. If you have your own app, it will be useful for you to read our list of tips that will help you to keep in mind some simple, but often forgotten, and some specific information.

1. Email submission. While registering your Facebook fans don’t forget to remind them to resubmit their email address. So, they will enter your page and take part at your short inquiry, for example, and at the end of this procedure they will be asked to retype their personal detail: “Submit your email address once more, please. Results of our inquiry will be sent to your indicated mail. Thank you!” The majority of Facebook users is not sure or even forgets, what exact email addresses they indicated while registering on Facebook. Only via active emails you can take part in interaction with your potential customers, Facebook fans. You can encourage your app users by different offers. It is optional, but sometimes can be very effective; it depends on your business peculiarities. For example, say them to comment the results of inquiries, surveys, and, in your turn, you will send them some free probes of your products. By doing so you actually buy your Facebook fans’ likes. So, everything depends on you; if you are not so busy to support your cooperation on Facebook, be brave and creative to ask for a contact.

2. Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL protocol – a method of encryption is used in this security protocol of your data). Majority of users doesn’t share their personal data willingly, and it is actually their right. Always check your SSL protocol (certificate). If you discourage your Facebook app users once, they probably won’t come back to you more. Escape messages like “This linking is doubtful” or “This connection is not trusted”.

3. Google Analytics tracking of your app, plus Facebook apps. Facebook use App Insights and Page Insights applications, which gather the information about your app and page data, and as a result of their work, you have rather clear picture of your app using. But still we advise you to use Google Analytics codes. If you have a serious business, then you know how it is important to have a second, reserved variant. Moreover, this alternative source of data will provide you with better tracking of your conversions.

4. Tracking of your ads. Pack your Facebook ads with urchin tracking module (UTM) codes, and your app traffic will be easily categorized by Google Analytics, and with them you can be connected with the URL builder in Google Analytics. Include the campaign content parameter and evaluate your list of ads separately (ad1; ad2; ad3; ad4).

5. Management of deep linking. When you have your app launched, you should keep and develop it constantly. For example, when you organize a photo contest, you need to set clear rules of that contest, and link to them often. Your customer support employees should be provided with the list of contest rules and the details of the authentication procedure of winners. Create a deep link of the custom support management and comfortable navigation tools.

8 May 2013
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