Increase your likeability on Facebook

With the brand’s involvement in social media and its likeability across social networks now being more important than ever, we need to focus on the essential elements necessary for a brand to be likeable online. They are the following:

Engaging your customers, listening to them and making them feel valued is a №1 issue. Just as nobody likes people who don’t care for them, consumers don’t want to feel undervalued or ignored. Facebook, unlike TV advertising, is a two-way communication, discussing your products or anything else your customers and other Facebook users are interested in talking about. Encourage ideas for discussion, comments and feedback, respond to negative and positive comments quickly. It is best to respond publicly, showing that customers are important to your brand, that they are heard and valued. Always thank everybody who leaves positive comments, don’t just ignore those – like you certainly wouldn’t ignore loyal clients in land-based shops or other locations, if they came to use your services again and again telling you how delighted they are. Positive comments on Facebook and Twitter are your remarkable helpers in raising your brand’s awareness and popularity, as people are likely to trust the recommendations and positive experiences of others more than any kind of advertising.

Developing your brand’s personality. It isn’t interesting talking to an impersonal business. Share stories about the history of your company, of a particular product or service you are offering. Stories about the technologies, materials and methods used to provide the best quality product in the past years and today, stories about your employees and everything that inspires them, stories about your customer experiences of using your product – they give your brand a human voice and a distinctive personality. Use photos and videos – they can make the stories and your brand come alive like nothing else can.

Offering something exciting, interesting, useful or valuable. This makes news spread very quickly across social networks, generating lots of likes and shares in a natural way and growing even more excitement. Competitions, giveaways, creative projects, lucky draws, special offers and big discounts – this is only a small list of ideas, but these work best when you are offering something to your Facebook fans that they can’t get any other way.

1 December 2015
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