How You Can Use Facebook Analytics Data for Gaining Likes

Actually, if you see Facebook statistical data at first, you may look confused. Every registered person in Facebook can use this insight page for tracing changes, building marketing strategies and applying various optimization tricks, which can bring additional followers. This Facebook tool will help you to understand and feel your audience better; see reaction of people on content you post and so on. Start exploring Facebook analytic tool and stop fighting for online users blindly.

In this article we will share some 5 useful tips and we hope you’ll make the best from Facebook Insights:

Firstly, You Can Analyze Personal Account in Facebook by General Overview

It means the system will help you to get the broad picture of what is going on with your account, including data about audience involvement. Frankly speaking, Facebook created useful tool for correct content manipulation. Now it is very simple to study reaction of people on posts, understand what they like more and which posts do they share with other users. Watch the special video and find out how to use information from Insights.

Secondly, You Need to Concentrate on Things Which Bring You Likes

It is very likely, that not every method you use generates many likes, so this information you can see right on special tab when browsing Insights. Continue posting just content, which makes men and women put likes. Here you will find such information as total number of likes, source of likes and useful daily statistics: reviewing this page, you will successfully apply all marketing methods. Select certain period and see the situation with “likes” in total page graph column. It is very useful, because you can trace not only likes but also unlikes. At once you will notice own mistakes and we hope you will not repeat them in futures posts.

More detailed information about unlikes, you will see in “net likes” field. This field includes: paid likes, organic likes and likes from net for certain time period, which you can filter. Set the filter according to parameters you need and from time to time control this panel.

Below, you will see a table with figures, showing how much people put likes to your account. Also, this table contains info about natures of likes, for instance likes can be brought by ads campaign, personal page, mobile gadgets, etc. Any chart can be filtered by your parameters and as a result you get real picture and make certain efforts to achieve better results. Actively using this tool and all charts, you will know more about weak and strong points of posted content see source of likes and thus develop optimization strategies.

Thirdly, You Will Study Audience of Followers and their Behavior

Knowledge about your followers and fans will help you to choose right content and post their favorite topics. If you do not want to get unlikes, so carefully read this advice. People tab will help you to concentrate on interesting and useful content, created especially for your audience. Using filters, you get access to such general information even as sex, age and location of visitors during certain time frame. By the way you can set custom reports and receive only actual details you really need. View this video to know all nuances of selecting effective content for your Facebook page.

Fourthly, You Should Learn to Read Facebook Reports

The term “reach” in Facebook terminology means total number of individuals that see regular posts. Consequently, if to increase the “reach” level much more people will be engaged with your content, adding likes, making reposts, sharing links and finally bringing traffic and money. In order to find the “reach” tab, open Insights. Immediately, you will see multiple figures and diagrams on the screen. Do not get panic, we will explain the main things you really need. Focus your attention on “likes, comments and shares” as well as “post reach” sections. Well, “post reach” column demonstrates the way people receive your posts, for instance, there are two main ones: organic and paid. When applying filters, do not forget to check fluctuations of changes by time period. Select several months or a week and get results.

The section, reflecting likes, shares and comments is also very important, merely because you will trace reaction of people, how they put you likes or unlike posts, make comments and click report a spam button. When you get broad information about likes, unlikes, comments, reposts and so on, you can manage your content and customize it for your audience. “Reach” tab is an effective tool for building social media campaigns that is why you can enhance interaction on Facebook page and avoid various mistakes. There is no more need to optimize own account blindly.

Fifthly, Actively Use Information About Particular Posts

Facebook platform provides users with all essential data about post activity, but you can get more with Insights, for example, you will see how post activity depends upon part of week and certain time. High online presence of your fans is a time to post content. Find below the “posts” section, number of people that saw the post and filter by date. Take a day or a week period. At any rate, experiment with time filters to receive more precious information.

From a “post types” tab, you will receive full information about the page. Surely, you have to use such an opportunity and select posts according to fans preferences. Actually, this chart includes data about posts and their types, audience involvement, reach and main target points. Process of data finding can be faster if to apply special filters by columns, or arrow drop downs.

You are very mistaken if think that we have listed all advantages of Facebook Insights. There is one more excellent feature: you can get required data for a long period of time in a spreadsheet format. The most convenient method to review such spreadsheets and analyze reaction of people to posts is to use excel charts. Studying pots level info, every owner of Facebook account can understand which post types are the most popular and which ones are not worth of posting. It is definitely; we are limited by this article and cannot tell you more, so very soon we will meet again.

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22 January 2014
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