How to Make Great and Remarkable Posts on Facebook

To use your Facebook posts in the right way can help you to find clients and promote your business. Here are some very useful advances how to attract people and make your job easier.

You should post only fresh news. And do it day by day. If the event passed, you had to change your post for news with next event or holiday. Post some news about your goods or your company. Test the performance of your posts and which one is the best for them.

Answer to the comments very quickly. Let to understand to customers that you are ready to help, and you are serious about your job and quality of the service. That you are ready to work with people who want to be your clients.

Boost posts help you to attract important for your people. Just click on Boost button, and you already have an opportunity to find new customers thru the posts.

If you want to increase sales use Facebook Ads and offer special sales. For example “50% sale only till 5 hours”. Use only those service or goods which you think the most popular for your customers.

Use only good photos and pictures. Well done combination of photos and content very important for attracting new people. Make your post unique and interesting in the same time. Your sentences must be short and informative. Looking on your post visitor has to understand why they should to pay attention to this information. Good for this will be something like “buy now”. Use different images and test which one the most interesting for customers.

Page Insights helps you to find out more about your customers. Check it regular, and soon you will see the picture. Who visited your page most of all? How many likes and comments you got. Demographic information about visitors. Their age, sex, location. As soon as you will understand who from your clients the most active you can send those more messages and create something new for another group of people which are not so interested.

Good for you will be to use a calendar. It helps you to be consistent for your audience. Also, it is easy and comfortable. You can plan some posts ahead. This means that you won’t forget anything necessary. Note days with the most important events.

This is very cozy and useful for any kind of business. All what you need is to use this tools correct, in the right way and be patient. The result is established business process and happy clients.

20 April 2015
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