How to Intrigue Your Fans and Stimulate Them for More Visits

safeIn general marketing on Facebook can be compared with a special science, because there are many nuances to engage users and make them return more and more.

Be ready to work a lot, if you want thousands of people like your page and review just posted content every day. Three ways for creating unforgettable Facebook page:



1. Your fans Want to See Something Interesting

Many companies use discounts, coupons to attract Facebook fans, but they can not understand temporary effect from such things. On the one hand, there are not very high chances, that after getting beneficial deals, people will return to read news on your Facebook page. On the other hand, this method will not be profitable for a company if to offer sales every day.
For example, Marvel and DC Comics show people quick overview of new films. Thus, individuals visit official page in Facebook to know more things about the cinema.
For another example let us take very famous Tiffany & Co brand. They are ready to produce especially for Facebook fans. This strategy allows achieving required results.
Lego Corporation decided to arrange contests with real prizes, what undoubtedly, stimulates activity among fans.
There should be something unusual and unique for your followers. Think what exactly you can offer them.

2. Be positive with fans
Nobody wants to read boring facts and standard phrases. Choose content, that will be actual for your niche and funny enough to make fans share the link. Here is one idea for a company, selling tires. Make a post with a photo of flipped over bus and write bellow such phrase: “They should have went with Mike’s Tire Company!”

In case you cope with this task to post engaging content, so then one by one people will repost your content among friends.
However, have a balance and do not go too far with funny stories.

3. Find Style for the Brand
New Balance and National Geographic from sport and world exploration are well recognized brands from the first sight. Consequently, people trust them and often come back to their Facebook page to grasp new info.
Apply this approach and experience to own business page. For instance, if you want to promote Facebook page devoted to wine distribution, so give links to good articles with useful tips on how to test vine and store it.

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29 March 2014
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