How to Benefit from Google Plus?

safeGoogle plus button is relatively new feature from Google. This is the way how google offers own system for so called liking and spreading the content online. Every seo professional and owners of websites had the aim to get as many google votes as possible, but no one was sure in results for ranking. How can it influence online rating? Do numbers on google+ button turn into additional traffic flow to my website? Well, we will try to find explanation for this issue.
Key Insight

We have completed own research and found out that votes are important for gaining traffic to the website, but their role is not really crucial. Google counts total amount of votes from users and undoubtedly, this plays its role in ranking system. But you have to bear in mind that gaining lots of google votes should not be your only target for successful online optimization.

In other words if you have many votes, so more traffic can be gained due to all users who voted for you. It is very likely that your site will be on top places in search engine ranking, when users are looking for relevant content.

You may become disappointed that popular google plus account is not 100% guarantee of being in the top. However, this is not the ultimate statement. For example, Danny Dover, popular search engine optimization expert considers that Google will not stop implementing various features to add importance to this magic plus button. He also states that it can bring beneficial outcomes but not very lasting, until somebody in the same niche gains more votes. Moreover, it can be an excellent chance to get in the top when Google is busy with testing.

Summarizing above mentioned, do not hope to improve own ranking results, only struggling for google votes. This method should not be the main. If your account is getting popular, so it is perfect, but if not – do not be desperate about it.

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13 March 2014
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