Hello Social on Facebook

Meet new startup Hello Social to run your tremendous photo contest of your promotional campaign on Facebook platform! Get more and more likes for products’ photos on your Facebook app!

Hello Social was founded by designer Dominik Dryja and engineer Bartek Nowotarski. This startup is going to provide your photo contest with certain useful metrics, which will help you to target trends and their opportunities to achieve more interaction and increase conversion rates.

Now Hello Social offers only one service – Facebook Photo Contest, based on its platform. Creating procedure is rather simple: choose an attractive name for your contest, set how many entries can be made by one participant during the whole contest, how many winners you can award, whether Liking of your page is obligatory, and the dead line of your contest. All the details of the contest must be written on separate pages: a short contest description, your contacts, conditions and terms, and of course, privacy policy for creating a real picture of your serious business approaches.

You can also set an age limit, and indicate data specifications you are interested in. Targeting is very important; it will help you to reveal and collect potential leaders. Ask any information you want: names, emails, custom interests etc. And finally when everything is ready: design of your project is visualized, invites for your friends are written and the video role for Open Graph is shot, you can press a start button.

With the help of this modern unique tool companies can simply track all useful for their business data about every single user: about his or her activity, whether the user is potential client or real customer, what he/she likes or comments etc. It is easy now to count all likes of users for your Facebook advertisings.

The App Programming Interface (API) gives developers wider opportunities in placing those contests on their home pages, marketing pages and real online services. And so, can take part in any contest from any place in web environment, and contests can be turned organically into portable apps.

Using of the innovative startup is not free, and you’ll have to pay 199 dollars for one single campaign, plus, 4.99 dollars for every contest day. These fees are equal for every business, no matter whether it is big and prosperous, or small and novice. So, one should admit that the process of campaign launching is going to be absolutely white: a certain price, code figures, and results.

16 May 2013
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