#Hashtags on Facebook: One more way to attract visitors?

Facebook is becoming more and more interactive and ads-attentive: Graph Search, new types of advertisements, ads policy redesigning, “user-oriented” ads and many more. The aim is the same: to keep existing users interested and attract even more users by new functionality and new features. Add to this mixture a spoonful of desire to overrun its competitors (read: Twitter) and you will understand that the next move of Facebook was quite natural. It introduced search by hashtags. Finally. Rumors were roaming around since March 2013, yet now it is officially announced.

Well, earlier no one stopped people from adding hashtags to their posts and comments – simply they were the element of text decoration and did not function as searchable elements. From now on they are real – that is, you can click on a hashtag and see the whole lot of comments containing it. Actually it is very convenient – users of Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest know the real price of this small convenience very well. So now Facebook followed the trend and enabled searchable hashtags. Besides searching, users will be able to use hashtags offered by other services and write comments in the hashtag feed itself. The prospects are wonderful: Facebok will help people share important moments and events faster and in more convenient way, it will be easier to search for a discussion you are interested in, and in general everything looks great.

As for the privacy, Facebook does not work the same as Twitter: privacy still matters. So users searching for hashtag news and comments will see only updates from their friends and people who authorized access to their news feed.

And now look at it from a different point of view. Imagine ads with searchable hashtags. Hashtags ads which lead to products and services you offer and which are made available for anyone wishing to read them. It is pretty awesome. For now it is still not clarifies if a special permission will be required for using hashtags for advertizing, but keep in mind the following.

Hashtags about your business will be far more valuable if they come not from you directly but from your Facebook followers. This is the best possible recommendation: when people see updates with hashtags coming from their friends. Facebook is right: advertizing works well when it is plunged into your social context, when advices come from friends and people you know and trust are Facebook followers of some business page. Now project it to others and you will see what to do: get more followers and give them news and updates to comment upon and to share. And do not forget the hashtags – we hope Facebook will not decide to charge for hashtags advertizing too soon.

29 July 2013
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