Get Your ‘Likes’ Growing Fast on Facebook (Why? How? And What It Leads to?)

Internet-era gives a number of opportunities to make your business live and grow without putting lots of physical and financial effort. Modern business works not only to deliver the product to a market but also to communicate with consumers and target auditory on each step the company decides to take. It helps to understand your clients better, to establish a strong connection and to get your consumers’ loyalty avoiding great spends.

Probably the most popular way to establish proper communication and to attract your clients is creating a marketing page on social sites that does not demand any fees for membership (such as Facebook). Getting more likes from your followers -who are your existing and potential consumers, makes your rate higher, displays how successful your promotional policy is and also add traffic to your internet store if you once remembered to link its address to your posts.

There are several ways and secrets to gain many “thumbs up” in the shortest time, but effective and fair are those that are based on a quality of page’s contents and contests.

Get your “likes” and attract new followers with contests

Running a contest is a wonderful chance to be thankful to those who show activity and loyalty to your commercial page on Facebook. There are no doubts that a valuable present that the winner of your contest gets can become a great stimulation to your followers to stay with you and to keep an interest to your page, but it also drives ‘outsiders’ right into your page community. Contests often become a number one reason to get engaged with a certain page or community for thousands of internet users. A clever and creative idea of contests can increase number of page visitors up to 400%.

Count on content quality

Before filling your Facebook page for business with some information, think how you can differ from others to attract internet users to your page. Be sure your content is valuable enough to follow the page. Check those sites that have similar target group and find out which information is most popular among your potential clients. Keep asking yourself which posts can satisfy informational thirst of your followers, which tools could cause a wish to participate into life of the page. Another important rule for making your followers clicking a “like” button is asking their opinions and always being attentive to what they offer and claim about.

19 January 2016
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