Five Hints How to Use Pinterest and Get Traffic

safeSignificance of Pinterest for your business is identical to the “Digg-effect”. Your server can literally go down, if you are on the main Digg page and your website gets new portion of enormous traffic. If to compare Pinterest social platform and Digg website, we will find many common things, but frankly speaking you can get more benefit if to use Pinterest for own website, than from Digg. When you manage to be on main Pinterest page, your will not notice rapid traffic fluctuations, after leaving top places. There is a very nice feature that is known as “repin”, will allow you to get new portions of traffic for a long time, thanks to regular sharing between users within the network. This is actually the major reason, why this social platform is widely used by thousands of seo experts around the world.

We want to give some useful hints for your search engine optimization campaign. Here are them.


Hint #1: Explore

You can succeed only with excellent content. Therefore, you will not escape quality research of top Pinterest photos. Review the most popular posts and try to notice the tendency, then make something for your brand and insert it in your content.


Hint #2: Be Creative

It is not really important what type of photos you decide to post, the most vital thing that counts here is adding title. It should be well-noticeable, because users usually read the title when visit your page.


Hint #3: Download

Don’t forget to download a photo image to the site and copy a link. Via this link you will receive traffic from Pinterest.


Hint #4: Choose Optimal Size

A photo you are going to show to potential audience should not be too large or too small. The point is, that too large photos (for example over 3000 pixels) are quite difficult to repin, because users will have to scroll tall picture down to reach needed button. Optimal size for a picture is 300 pixels, thus people will share your post more actively.


Hint #5: Pin a Photo

Now your primary task is to get repins from users. If you use Pinterest, following all recommendations, so you are very likely to get top places and generate unlimited traffic to the targeted website.

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25 March 2014
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