Fine-tuning of your ads campaign on Facebook

Let us remind you that any successful advertizing campaign has lots of small but nevertheless utterly important features which should not be forgotten. The advertizing campaign run on Facebook has these peculiar features either, although they may correlate or differ from those typical for other media campaigns.

There are certain limitations on setting up a Business Page and linking it to your personal account, on having friends or fans only, on what you can do or what you should not do on your business page – and so on.

However, all these topics are well worth separate discussions, and now let us talk about getting a unique, custom-made url address for your Business Page – Facebook does allow doing this.

The custom-made url has nothing to do with vanity or similar kind of feelings. As we have already stated, on Facebook you may efficiently use all known methods of marketing and brand promotion which work in the real world. Here we speak of one more opportunity to make your fans remember your business name and make it easier to find. If they see it even in the url box, then for sure they will remember it, and by the laws of marketing if people remember the product, they are more likely to buy it. We think there no need to dwell more on this explanation, so let’s get right to making a tailored url for your business page.

The first prerequisite to do it is to have at least 25 Facebook likes to your business page (no one knows why exactly 25 Facebook likes, but you should get them, one way or another). When you have the necessary number of likes, you are allowed to take your unique url address on FB. Once you set it, it will appear in the web address box after the traditional So instead of usual gibberish of numbers and figures your visitors will see your brand name and get one more reminder of who you are.

You can set a custom name at But first you will be required to verify your account through mobile phone – as usually, texting a message. Now everyone has a phone so it does not pose a problem but in case you don’t have it, the way to verify the account is to provide your university or college email address (which may be even more problematic, so take care to have a cell phone). Every phone number may be linked to only one account; it should be unique and does not relate to any other account.

Once you have confirmed that this is you, you can choose the name, but first check its availability. It is great if your business name is unique and you can take it; if not, make up something very close to it, so that it got immediately associated with your brand when people see it. Once you have chosen the name, press “Confirm” and enjoy what you see in the url box.

But remember (sounds like in a Cinderella fairytale): the unique name you have created cannot be transferred to some other page, so do not link this name to a page that may disappear or belongs to someone else. If an account is removed, all related names and pages will go West too, and will not be transferred to anyone else.

31 July 2013
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