FBML: FB own programming language to become part of the history?

Well, Facebook was the path breaker in many areas, from social networking to ads in social context, and it even introduced a kind of its own programming language for creating exclusive FB apps. It was all OK as long as it worked (and it did work), but the rumors about FBML being quietly dismissed made everyone wonder what would happen to customized Business pages and welcoming tabs created on the basis of this language.

The answer is nothing is going to happen to already created tabs. They already exist and they will function successfully in the future (a good news for many a users who took pains to customize their business pages). The point is that there will be no more new apps written in this mark-up language – FBML. Developers are encouraged to come up with new apps written in HTML, JavaScript or CSS, that is, commonly accepted programming languages.

What is interesting is that because FBML applications already exist and there is no need to develop them, the option of customizing your business pages will also be available. Facebook provides detailed instruction on doing that.

Besides, all that we had until now were rumors, and Facebook usually takes care to clearly explain in advance what changes are underway. So if there are any significant changes in that issue, FB will give users a lot of time to accustom to them. As for now, there were no such official announcements and no calls to customize business pages through some other, newly created application. This means that no significant changes will occur in this option in the nearest future.

Whatever happens to FBML – it is up to Zuckerberg to decide. Our task – the task of everyone present on FB who uses Business Page options actively – is to make maximum profit of what we already have. The primary aim of any update on FB, including the option of customizing the look of business pages, is to make the page popular and increase the page owner’s sales. If people like how the page looks and what is offered there, they will definitely give their “likes” to it, and will tell their friends about that “great so-and-so page on FB which you should try for yourself”. Facebook likes have a tendency to spread like wildfire – the more you have, the more you will get. So, if your Business page looks really nice, if you have enough Facebook likes to persuade people that your business is stable and developing, and if the goods/services you offer are really high-quality, then you may be 100% sure that your clientele will grow and your profit will grow too. Just do not forget to keep you fans informed on what’s coming up next – the opportunity they really should not miss.

2 August 2013
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