Facebook’s Guide for Novices

There are more than seven billion people on the world, and Facebook social network is used by more than 1 billion. It means that a certain perspective is seen for Facebook development and it also means that Facebook guideline tips can be very useful for social network novices, and may be, not only for beginners, but also for those users, who are pressed for time to investigate their social platform, for business owners, for example.

Before launching some promotional campaign on Facebook platform, one should know the main features of this social network. Every your advertisement means you buy Facebook likes and fans. So, it will be very interesting to know the basics of Facebook promotion opportunities.

Part I.

1. Fill your Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline (personal profile), where you can write everything you want and you need to say others about yourself, and upload any photo, any video or audio information. Its name is not a sudden choice, probably there no random names in any commercial actions, and so, in personal profile you can place all your life history, reflected on images and other info sources. Try to make your Timeline more detailed and vivid, and only for your public personal data you can deserve your first likes and fans.

2. Find your Facebook Friends

Find your friends profiles on Facebook; they can be whoever you know (relatives, colleagues, business partners) and with whom you want to communicate. A special search box appears on the top of your page and you are able to make your search.

Facebook search engine will suggest you a list of friends on its homepage, in its sidebar People You May Know. We recommend you to act according to Facebook searching algorithms, just trust in the social leader.

3. Access important information in News Feed

News Feed is the main source of information about your Facebook friends’ activities, latest news, thoughts, contacts, updates, posts, etc.

News Feed resembles a newspapers front page, the information of which is systematized by Facebook appropriate algorithm and your own communication activity. So, you log in and find yourself on the stream of news in your News Feed, which are presented in order of importance and posted date.

If you want to see a chronology of posted materials, then click the option “Sort” and then “Most Recent”. One of the marketers’ main aims is a constant visibility of their promotional information in every News Feed of their potential clients. So, be active, make new Friends, and buy more Facebook likes and fans, just for your business advertising in their News Feeds.

21 May 2013
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