Facebook’s Guide for Novices

Yesterday we mentioned some useful first features of your surely becoming favorable Facebook social network. And here is some more information, which can be useful especially for small businesses, and then for common Facebook users.

Part II.

4. Achieve your niche among Facebook brands

Facebook is a great social community, where you can interact with any social unit: your friends, followers, fans, businesses and brands. Facebook with its large auditory of users attracts modern brands and rapidly growing small businesses. Virtual market is probably the most powerful promotional platform for businesses. Marketers are looking for engagement, sharing and seeking feedback from their potential and real customers and fans. By investing into their promotional activities they actually buy thousands of Facebook likes and fans. Facebook search algorithm chooses those profiles and ads, which get numerous likes and fans and places them on the top of the popularity scale. For example, companies like Nokia and MacDonald’s have tens of millions of Facebook fans and followers, who are interested in the latest companies’ news and products.

5. Motivate your Facebook fans to Like your posts

Social networks’ “Like” button is probably the key solution of their whole existence. And really how can you express your feelings, your emotions just with one word or with one action? Linking the “Like” button is an evolutional idea! You can like every piece of Facebook information: profiles, videos, photos, timelines, status updates, apps, and, of course, ads.

Moreover, Facebook “Like” button is placed on the numerous modern sites, which utilize social plugins from Facebook. And when a user like some content on those sites, this information is shown in your Timeline and your friends can comment or, again, like it.

As you guess, this “Like” button is a great tracking tool; when Facebook tracks your “like” activity, it gathers information about your preferences, and develops its ad strategy, and not only its ads, but also third parties (partners and marketers) ad management.

6. Subscribe your Facebook followers

“Subscribe” button is placed on the top of the Facebook user’s Timeline. If you enable subscription to your Facebook profile, all your updates and some certain features will be public. Of course, Facebook determined a list of limitations which you can adapt, and so control the information you want to share.

This “Subscribe” feature is extremely useful for those, who want to share their news with Facebook followers and fans with access limitation to their private profiles (journalists, celebrities, and politicians). But for small businesses and brands there must be no limitations to the subscription with public audience. As many contacts marketers have, so many promotional opportunities they can realize. Buy your Facebook likes and fans, and encourage you followers to subscribe to all your Timeline activities, and be in their Newsfeed regularly.

3 June 2013
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