Facebook Won’t Die In Spite of Rumors

Once professor from London University College, said that Facebook is going to fade very soon. However, it is better to get the gist of this issue and find opposite arguments for Daniel Miller’s words. He performed certain research and found out that young generation of Great Britain at the age between 16-18 years will stop using of Facebook accounts and turn on WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat networks. It is actually a matter of dispute, because today mainly adult men and women use Facebook. Possibly, teens want to be more independent and use social network without logged in parents in it. Young people value their independence in everyday life, so identically they behave online. Indeed, Facebook is very used for business purposes, is not it?

Let us take MySpace as an illustration of might have been network with no future, comparing to Facebook.

Even if certain part of young audience will not use their Facebook accounts, so more they grow, more times they will return to Facebook. Surely, this tendency is not surprise for Facebook company, but due to their strong advertising strategy they still will have success in future. Their income is over $2b.

This giant company has enough money to overcome any troubles. Today young boys and girls post photos in Instagram and they do not have the least notion, that M. Zuckerberg owns this photo exchange platform too. Many of the teenagers using Instagram will be unaware that it is now owned by Facebook.

One can think Facebook to be out of date, but it exists and nothing will affect it.

31 January 2014
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