Facebook Revisited: The law of virality really exists!

Believe it or not, but the talks of the stuff going viral, of posts and videos spreading like wildfire because of virality were not supported by scientific research, and serious scholars never took this concept seriously. Well, you may wonder how is that, because there lots of examples supporting the principle of virality – more and more people sharing the bit of content with their friends, the friends sharing it with their friends until count of shares goes on millions. Yet until the idea is validated in some very credible scientific paper, it is discarded as untrue. Hmm, some time ago people did not believe that it was possible to fly at all, then – that it was possible to fly on the aircraft heavier then air…and so on.

But the story of a photo posted by young Norvegian couple which gathered million of likes in just one day made three data researches take the issue seriously. The results were astonishing. The researchers made a chart which showed the process of massive photo re-sharing which led to such fast accumulation of necessary likes. Earlier it was believed that one centre should have many nods connected to it, and the number of these nods will define the number of shares. Yet no, that is not true. The photo under discussion got million of likes because people were sharing it further and further, person to person, from friends close to that couple to outward limits of the circle of people knowing each other – and this circle for one humble couple proved immense. The chart looks actually like a bullet hole from which myriads of cracks go in different directions, and from bigger crack smaller cracks go further.

The image may become the symbol of Facebook, and every time doing anything on FB we should keep in mind this picture. One push – and an avalanche of ripples and shakes begin. This is the great power.

Let us skip the science and look at it from other point of view. If one person likes you Profile or Business Page, the level of impact will be insignificant. Ten – the power grows, hundred – well, that is something, as every “liker” is connected to a circle of other people. To create a resonance around your page you need really many likes, and if there are not many people, who can lend you their voices, then go and buy Facebook likes to start the process, and then see if that is enough. First impact is really important as it determines in how many directions the process of sharing will go. If it goes slowly, then again buy Facebook likes some time later, and think properly which force of impact is enough for you. It is all simple maths, geometrical progression, when number grows not by adding but by multiplying. So take out your calculator and get to work.

8 August 2013
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