Facebook: Not Fun, But Utility

Have you ever thought where Facebook would actually go? Will it be still popular in some years, or will it share the fate of, say, Myspace or other now obsolete service? Is it worth investing into business development on FB and buying ads? Is it worth at all? Well, not only we got interested in the issue. A few Internet gurus who provide investments for the early development of the most promising Internet startups, Brian Pokorny of SVAngel being among them, shared their opinion on the future of Facebook at Disrupt NY. The gurus said things both thrilling and encouraging, but most of all it was worth listening to Brian Pokorny.

Indeed, he agreed that most fun now dwells in various locations in the Internet, mobile apps like Instagram or Snapchat offer fast entertainment and have the advantage of being new. So no wonder teens may migrate to socialize on some other spots except Facebook. Yet Facebook now does not stand for fun. It stands for daily life processes like communication, news sharing, social causes support, and many, many more. So entertainment is now rather secondary to Facebook. The network became not fun but utility everyone depends on. So Facebook will not lose its position in our life as main connector and fresh news supplier. Myspace has lost the battle for users because it stopped developing, it did not offer any innovations. Facebook has learned the lesson from other’s mistakes and develops permanently introducing small and big innovations all the time. Plus it put stress on people’s identity, it made the network personal.

So if you had any hesitations left, now it is time to quit them and develop your business on Facebook with assurance. Now it is not fun, it is the serious affair. And as any serious affair, business on Facebook needs investments. Not so much financial, as social ones. Namely, through getting lots of Facebook likes and fans. If you do not have time to do it, just go and buy Facebook likes, and take it as a clever investment.

There are many other ways to collect likes, through many small events and interesting options, through “Invite friends, put a like and get the free access for a week’s period” option, but they all have one disadvantage – they all need time. It is quite okay if you already have the solid platform of people’s support and your page has kilos of likes. But if you just begin and want to do it faster – just buy Facebook likes in necessary amount alongside other promotional steps. It is not expensive, it is efficient and in the light of revelations by Brian Pokorny, it is a definitely far-reaching investment in the future of your business.

6 August 2013
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