Facebook – New Mobile Developer

Facebook – New Mobile DeveloperFacebook has awarded a title of mobile developing leader by presenting its new three products: Open Graph mobile, SDK 3.5 for iOS, and Object API. Now you can get Facebook likes much easier and faster!

Open Graph Mobile is Facebook’s first social graphing app, which can be adapted to the mobile platform. Facebook has also improved its mobile login procedure by developing a new SDK 3.5 for iSO.

The social network leader realized also the number of current mobile users (over 680 million), and how many of them choose Facebook. The figures are really rather impressive: Facebook is integrated by 81% of mobiles with iOS apps and 70% of first big 100 Android apps.

Open Graph mobile simplifies the integration process of mobiles with Facebook. And the web server is cut out by Facebook’s new Object API. So, Open Graph objects can be directly created by Object API without hosting web pages with Open Graphs tags.

New visual interface Object Browser has been also presented at the Facebook conference. Now developers have the opportunity to interact with their posted object data. This changing of browser has influenced also on the object privacy, and now sharing of users’ content within their apps is more comfortable and quick.

Already known to mobile users Facebook’s native share dialog has been included into Open Graph actions. And now Facebook’s users don’t need to log in into its platform first, they simply share their content within mobile apps using one code line.

Let’s look at the advantages of new Open Graph, why it is so important to go further and to develop constantly. First, if Open Graph is adapted by more apps, Facebook will pour much more content in its news feed and will be able to place more ads alongside its stream. Second, more detailed and structured information about Facebook users’ can be achieved, and it will help to place targeted ads and get targeted Facebook likes accordingly.

The Facebook’s login dialogue has been shortened on 20%, and now users can pay more attention on their rights and privacy. The mobile use of modern permission model on Facebook platform was increased on 5% a few months ago, and the natural decision to continue such a positive dynamic has been appreciated, and now both mobile and common web apps (non-game) are modified to this progressive dialogue rhythm automatically, without any change to the code.

And the crowning achievement of recent Facebook innovations – Facebook Technology Partners program, which includes these first partners: C# SDK for Windows 8 by Microsoft, Kinvey, Corona SDK by Corona Labs, Node.js by Thuzi, PhoneGap by Adobe, Parse SDK by Parse, StackMob SDK by StackMob, Trigger.io SDK by Trigger.io, Sencha Touch by Sencha, WinJS by Thuzi, and Unity Social Networking Plugin by Prime31. They presents clusters of technical ideas, which are implemented into SDKs, tools, plugins, and variety of services, and so, developers with the help of them can create amazing social apps.

13 May 2013
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