Facebook Likes Icon Tells More

Today it is quite difficult to imagine a website without Facebook likes icon on it. Usually, people think that number they see near the icon includes the whole likes, however it is not precise information, because it does not involve all unique visitors.

Let us review some main points of Facebook likes counting system, highlighted by wise metric blog:

Notion of like button is bigger than most of people used to think. On the whole, number of likes is accumulated due to such factors:

  • General number of likes from the link.
  • Total number of this link shares.
  • Total amount of comments and likes relating to this Url in Facebook network.

To put it briefly, when people make copy-paste action and share your page to other users in the internet, the system will automatically count this action as a like. Well, as you see number of likes can grow without direct clicking on Facebook likes icon.

Not so long ago, it was announced in mass media that number of likes can increase if to spread link via private messages system in Facebook. But in spite of this, there are no official documentation proving this issue.

Also, when friends of your visitors begin to leave comments, or share the posts, this action is also counted as likes. We hope, you opened for yourself new and interesting facts about Facebook likes counting process, you did not know before. 

24 January 2014
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