Facebook Likes and Fans: How much a dozen?

More and more studies prove that Facebook likes are extremely efficient in attracting target audience to your venture. Have you ever thought how much actually every like or fan of your FB Business page may cost? The news is more that great because results of the research and some common sense came together to bring you the following points of interest:

  • Advertising on FB is truly inexpensive (especially in comparison to other kinds of online ads)

  • Facebook likes and fans are really successful in getting your business message to millions of potential customers, that is, Facebook users. Do not forget that Facebook has officially hit the number of one billion users. This is definitely worth something.

  • The real worth of every fan of your FB page is about $100, and in some cases the figure may be three times bigger – even up to $300. Now repeat it yourself – every fan costs $100. Unbelievable. Yet true. The numerical research was conducted by analytics company Syncapse. They claim that one fan costs about $137, and the more fans the company has (the counts goes on millions here), the higher their value is, totaling up to the abovementioned 300 bucks.

The conclusion follows naturally: more FB fans – and likes – more profit for the business. In this case we see the rule “rich get richer” at work.

The research shows that people who “liked” your business page or became its fans tend to buy more of your products and bring you more profit. How does it work? It is pure psychology. People who “liked” and “fanned” your page, have stated for themselves that that do like you, besides they now follow different news and updates coming from your page (we hope that they DO come and you take some time to provide your audience with new portion of reminders and new offers) and have your product permanently imprinted in their minds. Having it on their mind they tend to spend more money on it than they would spend without being linked to your page.

These are rules of classical brand marketing – remind the customers about your brand all the time and finally they will come and buy it. So get more fans and likes – bring them more reminders – and reap more profit.

So each fan and like stand for hundred dollars. Every new fan you get is one more hundred buck’s bill. And now multiply by….. Yes, by the number of fans you have and think how much more you can invite to join you. This is the best stimulus to increase your activities on Facebook and start taking it seriously, just like Coca Cola and McDonalds do. Maybe you will be the next loud brand – born on Facebook.

10 August 2013
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