Facebook Home Started To Gather Fruits

Fantastic success – Facebook Home was downloaded 500,000 times on Google play within five days after its launching on the 16th of April, 2013. It is high time to increase your Facebook likes with the help of Facebook successful innovations!

Now installing of Facebook Home is possible on certain Android devices: Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, and HTC One X, HTC One X+. Let’s look how Facebook Home mobile app can be installed.

First, check the “Security” section on your smartphone, and be sure it is ready to install applications from unverified sources. Start downloading and installing of Facebook Home app from the Security section. Note you should uninstall previous mobile Facebook apps such as Facebook and Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Home doesn’t look like an app; it is something more powerful when you put it in the very center of your Android smartphone. Status updates and can be posted directly from your lock screen and also here with Facebook Home you are able to submerge in your newsfeed and, thanks to Chat Heads feature, send messages without any interruption.

Facebook’s tech development strategy is based on new solutions, and Facebook Home is a very bright example of the social networks innovation tendency – combination of features in one new smartphone force, so called a lunch pad.

Probably we can doubt in revealed figures – 100K downloads of Facebook Home in one day after its launch. But if you multiply this figure by five, you will get 500K downloads, which is factual information. But still remember Instagram’s myth of its getting over one million downloads within one day after its launching on Android platform. Plus over five million downloads within six days…It was a real lie.

And if you consider Facebook’s population (over a billion users), these 500,000 could be lost to view.

Let’s have a look at how Facebook Home works. Chris Velazko tested it on two Android devices in parallel (Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet from Samsung and Motorola’s Droid RAZR HD). Installation process was completed in four minutes. Facebook Home worked according to its description: messages were delivered, and suddenly Facebook’s original chat heads were detected on both gadgets. And Chris Velazko had a great opportunity to see his friends’ activities at exact moment, and he also admitted that not every of his friend’s updates were seen in Facebook Home’s stream of information, but it seemed to be the situation when you’re launching Home on some hardware.

Sounds great! But Chris Velazko noticed, to his mind, a major missing – neither device let you send SMS messages from the Messenger app. Still, hope, you have got a clear picture of Facebook Home function before its official launching on other Android mobile devices. Then you will, no doubt, like it, and millions of other mobile users will use it and increase your Facebook ad likes every day.

19 May 2013
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