Facebook Home: Does it feel like home to you?

Not so long ago Facebook made its first move on the market of smartphones. No, the company did not come up with a totally new gadget, but rather tried to fine-tune the existing one to fit the needs of Facebook lovers.

So, Facebook together with HTC presented their first-born child – HTC One with pre-installed Facebook Home. Well, HTC One was thoroughly covered and discussed in the network, so our attention will dwell on Facebook Home, the Android application which brings changes to lock screen and home screen of the phone in order to enable quick access to Facebook. If you decide to install FB Home on your own phone you may download the app free from Google Play (for Android, and from iTunes for iPhones correspondingly).

The greatest change which was widely discussed in the Internet deprived Android lovers of their most cherished treasures – Menu button, a dock for most used apps right on the home screen and folders to keep apps neatly distributed (we bet this change will not increase Facebook likes number on the part of Android fans). The rumor has it that this omission was unintentional and occurred because developers of the app were used to iPhones which did not have these features at all. Never mind the rumors, Facebook promises to fix this bug as soon as possible. Instead, let us have a closer look at what interesting features Facebook Home offers.

Cover Feed came in instead of usual lock screen. Now the permanent moving chain of your friends’ updates, photos and news is here to substitute a lock screen. Actually it is living and changing all the time, so anytime you feel like it you may glance at your locked phone and stay informed about what is happening on FB. Right from the locked screen you may “like” or comment, tap and see a full-screen photo or go right to your friends’ accounts – all these without unlocking your phone. It is really convenient for those who simply live in their FB account and give Facebook likes and comments to whatever they see, but may be embarrassing if anyone else looks at your phone while you are away.

Home Screen also has some surprises in store for Android lovers. It leads not to Menu or to the most used apps but to more Facebook features: FB Messenger. Some swiping left or right will lead to recently used apps or to main menu. There again Facebook waits: three additional buttons to post status photo or enter a location. The buttons were added at the expense of other android apps (alas again, Android lovers).

And the most popular feature is Chat Heads. It allows reading and sending messages on top of any other app you use. You may well chat with your friends along with doing anything else (browsing or gaming, for example). The last feature was unanimously called the beat one – even by those not so mad about FB.

So if you feel like it, download and try the app for yourself. Then you will decide if you want to increase Facebook likes to this app by your own.

12 August 2013
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