Facebook goes into Education: What you should learn from it?

Do you know how small businesses do on Facebook? Pretty well, and continue to expand their presence. If you consider the question of starting your own Business Page on FB and only plan to buy Facebook likes to promote your page, you are left behind a bit. Now there are over 15 million of Business Pages belonging to small entrepreneurs, Facebook’s Page Manager app is used by about 8 million businesses, Promoted Posts were prepaid by 300,000 Pages, and since the last June (when the service was launched) over 2.5 million posts have received promotion.

Still not convinced? More figures? Okay, here they are. There are 2 billion connections existing between small enterprises and their fans on Facebook, all Business Pages get the total of 645 million views, and receive 13 million comments per week. Still Facebook thinks that this is too little attention it gets from small businesses. As its own research shows, only 3 percent on small businesses budgets are spent on online activities, like online sales and promotion, and Facebook has the honorable aim to increase the businesses literacy on this point (and invite them to spend more time on Facebook, for sure). Now take the hint and increase the number of likes at your page, it really works – Facebook assures you officially (yes, if nothing helps, go and buy Facebook likes if necessary – we say it).

In cooperation with the National Federation of Independent Business (and even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce) Facebook has launched the education program for small businesses. The purpose of education is to make business aware of all tools and opportunities the web offers, and to tell them about opportunities on Facebook in particular. As the next stage of the program, representatives of Facebook team will go to the streets of small town and tell people directly of available marketing instruments and offers.

Big businesses already spend about 16 percent of their budgets on online activities (because they actually have this extra revenue to spend and have marketing teams knowing what and where to advertise). Well, Facebook knows its trade very well, and so should you. Create a page on Facebook, Get fans, get likes, advertise – today reaching the million audiences is easier than ever before. Just start doing it, and you will see how simple and efficient online advertizing is. Facebook will not teach you anything bad, especially when it concerns earning money.

15 August 2013
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