Facebook for Developers: new ads offer

If you are a developer and still doubt that you should go and buy Facebook likes for your Business Page or buy ads places for your products, listen to the latest news. Maybe then you will take everything going on on Facebook seriously. Okay, you have concocted a great mobile app which is both fun and useful, and you are sure that people will stand in queues to get it. How do you bring it to people? How do you let them know that the app they longed for is here? For sure you may place it on your website or go to Google Play and store it there, and then wait till someone stumbles upon it. Waste of time. Advertising is the word. OK, but where to advertize when everyone nowadays seems to offer their own apps at every corner? The answer is here: advertizing in social networks, the most influential of which his Facebook. So alongside with your moves to promote your Business Page (it is ‘must have’ without any “but’s”) and to buy Facebook likes in order to keep promotion going, study the new opportunities that open together with new app install ads policy of Facebook.

What is app install ads? It is paid promotion of your newly created mobile app in the mobile news feed on Facebook. Is it worth attention? Take into consideration the scale of the audience – Facebook pompously marked one billion users’ threshold. Take into consideration the social context – people may give likes to your app, then others will buy it more eagerly. Or your app will even get comments and people will recommend it to their friends (this is the point at which Facebook likes do matter in big amounts).

But even if you do not get that much sharing by users, remember about targeted ads which Facebook now actively rolls out. Very often users download promoted apps in exchange for something – free subscription, free content download and the like. They download the app as a nuisance one can’t go without; they delete it and never think of it again. Facebook has plenty of recourses for ads targeting, and the chances are high that your app will be advertized to people who really need it and will use it gladly (and perhaps later purchase other apps from you). This is the right hit. Do not miss this convenient slot to place your advertisement.

What people will see in app install ads? The app name, a brief description, the sphere of use, an image and a big button offering to install it (the button leads to the app installer on Google Play or Apple App Store. This is enough to make people interested and consider downloading it. Just what the doctor said.

17 August 2013
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