Facebook Fans, Fan Page and Business Productivity

Facebook Fans, Fan Page and Business ProductivityFacebook Fan Page is a convenient way to share the freshest news of your business or organization with your customers, or a group by interests, or whatever you call it. It works quickly and efficiently, but only if this group is large enough. Then there is sense in setting this group up and maintaining it running. So, once a group is launched, there are two main tasks pending: expanding the audience within this group (that is attracting new people in order to increase Facebook fans) and maintaining the page active and engaging (interesting to follow and worth sharing with others).
There are some steps which will help to make people become your fans.

  • Invite your Facebook friends to become your fans, like the page and pass it on to their friends. “The handshake rule” works well on the web, too. To invite friends it is enough to post a message or a new status asking for this favor and explaining how important it is to you.
  • Nice contest or present giveaways rule! Just remember that Facebook does not allow setting contests right on the page, so you will have to find some different location to host it and link it to the page. A bit messy but it is worth it!
  • Any ad you place should feature the option “Like us on Facebook”.
  • Your website should also have the Facebook icon redirecting users to your page. Those visiting your website will definitely join you on FB.
  • Tagging is also useful. Invite your fans to post their photos (somehow related your product/service or just some pics of the “Meet our happy customers” kind) and tag themselves there. These photos will appear on their pages and make their friends interested in what is going on out there.
  • Landing page game. With Facebook it is possible to assign a part of the page to which a user will be directed which visiting your page. For example, those come here for the first time will see a section different from parts which are displayed to recurring visitors. For sure this section should be interesting in order to keep visitors coming again.

Now that you have gained the audience of Facebook fans it is crucial not to let them leave in disappointment. Some hints on how to keep your fan page alive and kicking.

  • Offer small rewards to your fans for regular “likes”, comments or short posts like “Thank you”. It may be a small free download present, discount ticked or the like.
  • Update your page regularly. People want to see something new.
  • Take a sign of your brand (logo, picture) as your profile picture. Make the brand memorable and recognizable.
  • Check in Facebook dashboard the inner stats of your page and see what needs to be improved.
  • Allow fans access to comments and posting photos on your page. This makes people feel really appreciated.
  • Reply to all comments on your wall. This interaction demonstrates your attention to customers – and allows additional bit of promotion.
  • Be not too business-like. These pages allow more personal and human approach to business affairs, and people like to deal with those they know personally and treat as a kind of friends. Give them this opportunity, and the feedback fell be rewarding.
1 July 2013
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