Facebook Facts Overview: Advertisers Don’t Depend Upon Likes

When people understood, that Facebook really helps to sell products and services, they were happy to receive any metric data or analytic tool to see and estimate results from audience involvement. The main rule, which effectively brought likes, was to make regular updates and post photos. Today we have evident fact, that Facebook became social platform with a strong advertising power. Every company, from small and to large is registered in Facebook, because Facebook provides users with vital instruments for running successful business.

Indeed, fight for likes is not the only method to build good advertising campaign, which will work on Facebook. In order to get ahead, business entrepreneurs choose to hire specialists or a team, closely connected with Facebook and use their promotion services.

New Changes in Measurement System for Facebook Users

Possibly, the most evident change happened in minds of Facebook users. Thus people do not take likes as the main measurement of popularity in Facebook network. According to recent researches and surveys from such sources as Toluna and Blino Media, still certain part of Facebook media buyers consider likes as main metric of successful account. Big part of media specialists use the same analytical methods as for websites, for instance, they count page views, average time spent on page, traffic sources, sales, build diagrams and new strategies for Facebook media campaigns.

Such evident changes in approach for Facebook page optimization brought new understanding of measurements for advertisers. Number of likes is no more the only parameter to estimate popularity of page. Advertisers increase sales, communicating with fans online, so this means awareness of people about offered products, gadgets, services brings better results.

Do not forget that you can know a lot from Insights analytical tool, created by Facebook. Marketing experts of the biggest brands actively research such data. From time to time Facebook makes changes in Insights, now companies can set up custom metrics and get such info: number of clicks, cost per action, country, age, actions and so on and so forth. It is definitely, you or your marketing manager will change methods of optimization, time and frequency of posts, etc.

Get More from Facebook’s Mobile Software

Let’s summarize and structure various articles from checked net sources. Well, according to them, people visit Facebook platform mainly via its mobile version. This fact can be interesting for media optimizers. More than half of people who took part in surveys (arranged by Blino/Toluna) answered that mobile Facebook is as important as its desktop version. Approximately 50% of questioned individuals confessed that mobile Facebook helped them to generate more traffic and sales, comparing to standard version. This shows tendency in reaching customers’ audience.

Within several years, guru of social optimization did not believe in mobile software and found only weak point in it. As we see from recent polls, mobile applications got off, exactly in social sphere. So it is naturally, advertisers have strengthened impact on audience via mobile application.

Focus on Local Targeting for Sales Increase

One more change that we can trace recently is a local accent.

A lot of asked people, who purchase social media, agreed that their marketing campaigns for social optimization are based mainly on local area. It is somewhere over 30% from usual social advertising campaign. Sales generated from local area still play a great role.

Advertising campaign, aimed to local regions can bring more local clients, who will buy product or services outside the Internet. However, the leading winner in this situation is not Facebook or media purchaser. There are more opportunities for various providers, for instance Datalogix. Speaking about brands and popular trademarks, so they also can apply this tendency for income enhancing. Spreading advertisement and hot offers via social accounts, they attract new customers to local organizations. To succeed more, it is reasonable to share information locally.

Advertisers are used to adjust quickly to the slightest changes on the market, so social platforms are not an exception. How do brands benefit from those changes? Approach to clients via local channels, reporting and higher usage of mobile software are vital alterations, but we wonder how can every media agency combine main three changes for producing desired results.

Popular brand names will not exist without Facebook, but adaptation to Facebook’s changes is a risky and long process. So here is the answer: brands will not do without Facebook servicing firms. Facebook will be always an independent player on the market, but brands have to adjust speedily to any innovation, and special agencies will help to cope with that. 

17 February 2014
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